Ep 61: Soul Contracts – How To Deal With Difficult People

Feb 22, 2023Podcast

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Soul Contracts – How To Deal With Difficult People

In this episode we’ll be talking about how to deal with difficult people when it comes to soul contracts. As we walk through this life we come across people we are supposed to meet and we will have contracts with some of them. Sometimes they come into our lives to help us learn a lesson or to give us an opportunity to heal ancestral or generational wounds.

Incarnation & Family Contracts

Often many soul contracts in any given incarnation will be with the family we’ve chosen for that lifetime. Every family has some healing to do. Maybe the lesson is about boundaries. Or perhaps, your purpose is to break the generational patterns in that family unit. This is all well and good, but what do you do when the person or people with whom you have these familial contracts are “difficult” to be around. When they are family (and especially when you are younger) it may not be feasible to distance yourself. It may be that you’re intended to notice the patterns in that relationship and the healing phase may have to come as you get older.

Can I Break A Soul Contract?

First of all, I think we need to rephrase the word “break”. Because if you actually do break a soul contract you are going to end up repeating that agreement (either with the same person in a different lifetime or with a different person (a placeholder) if the other person learned their lesson and has moved on). However, what you can do is end the contract if you’ve fulfilled your end of the agreement in the contract.

Soul Contracts With Co-Workers or Clients

If you’re a business owner or work with clients, I’m sure you’ve had this happen. You bring in a client who at first seems like a good fit for the business and over time it feels like they turn into a completely different person from who you met initially. It’s like they go from super-fan to arch-nemesis. Obviously the first course of action is to look at what lessons may be there for you. (Why did I attract this person? Was I offering something just for the money that wasn’t from the heart space? Did I feel out of alignment with my pricing? Was my messaging wrong?) But if you come to the conclusion there was no lesson for you to learn it may have been you were meant to hold space for this person. Although what they do or say may trigger your self worth or boundaries (allowing you to become more resolute in those areas,) the main reason for the relationship was simply to hold a mirror for this person to see themselves when they see you handling the situation with grace (that they may not deserve).

Techniques For Releasing Soul Contracts

One thing you can do is ask your Spirit Guides to assist you in having a conversation with the other person’s higher self. If the higher self of the other is willing to have that discussion and they show up energetically ask them questions to get to the core of what might be remaining in the agreement between you. What do we still need to resolve in this contract? What can I help do we need to complete it? As you tune into the energies of these questions you may become aware of connection points or cords this agreement has created between the 2 of you. You may just know or you may feel in your body where the connections are. Send love, gratitude and appreciation to that area for what this person has taught you and visualize the cord dissolve and see if you feel complete with the contract. Do this for every location where you feel there is a connection. Once completed then fill yourself and your aura with White Light feeling complete and sending love.

I send you the energy of clarity, healing, and new opportunities when it comes to dealing with and healing the soul contracts in your life. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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Sometimes it’s a form of self love to not engage when you know your energy will not affect the outcome. -Whitney McNeill

You can’t really break a contract. If you don’t learn the lesson you are bound to repeat it in this lifetime or the next. -Whitney McNeill

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