Ep 39: Signs You Are A Medium

Sep 21, 2022Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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Signs You Are A Medium

Have you ever wondered if you are a medium or if you are even intuitive enough to be a medium. Well, in this episode we will look at 5 signs that say “YES!”, you are a medium.

Feeling Like You’re Not Alone

When you have a sense that you are not alone in a room when you physically ARE alone, that can be a sign of mediumship. As a result this sense can come in for you based on your particuar intuitive language®. You can either see, hear, feel, or just know there is another presence in close proximity. The sense you get can be any of these or a combination that lets you know there is another energetic presence nearby.

A Sense of Interest

If you find yourself inexplicably drawn to the topic of mediumship, most likely it is because you’re being called to develop yours. Whether it’s books, tv shows, podcasts (like Spiritual & Ambitious) or any other media source on the topic. If you simply can’t learn enough about spirit communication, then that may be part of your purpose.

You Feel Compelled To Give A Message

Perhaps you’ve experienced a situation where you blurt out something that you weren’t intending on saying. Or what you do say came directly out of your mouth without being formulated as a conscious thought. These can be signs that was a mediumship messages that came from Spirit. It can also come in as inspiration like a bolt from the blue and you have no choice but to give that message to the intended person. Listen as I clear up a common misconception between mediumship and intuition and how to tell the difference.

Your Dreams Come True

Typically if you are experiencing premonitions through dreams it’s a form of astral travel. Your Guides take the opportunity to introduce you to people you’ll meet or events that will occur. They use this method because it can be the easiest and safest way to give you that particular type of message. Having Guides come to you in a dream state with information that comes to pass can be a huge validation. Consequently it may help open you up more to receiving messages of that nature in the conscious state as well.

You Experience Energy

Also, this experience can come in by means of any of the intuitive languages®, but you innately experience differences in energy. Examples are not only when you have a strong hunch or feeling about something or someone, but also if you are seeing energy as orbs, pin-pricks of light or even flash images in your mind’s eye. Regardless of the method, being sensitive and able to experience energy shifts and manifestations can be a sign you are a medium.

The Definitive Sign You ARE A Medium

Lastly, the most important sign you are a medium is that you are a human being on the earth plane. I know… This sign might be a little bit of a let down for you but to me it is the MOST important of the signs. We ALL have intuition and the only other criteria for being a medium is both sensitivity and desire. If you have the desire to become a medium all you need to do is start to develop your sensitivity to energy and grow your intuitive abilities.

If being a Medium is important to you, I hope you will continue to pursue and develop that ability. Until then, here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.



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Mediumship is your Spirit Guides talking to someone else’s Spirit Guides or Loved Ones in Spirit and then giving you that information to deliver – Whitney McNeill

Everyone has the potential to be a medium. It is really based on your sensitivity and desire. – Whitney McNeill

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