Signs Spirits Send

Dec 20, 2018Conversations with Spirit

The Holidays are a time when our Loved Ones in Spirit come closer to us. We find ourselves missing them or thinking of them with fond memories.

The good news is that they are around us during this time. We just need to be more aware of how they send us signs.

Have you ever seen a feather at a time when you were thinking of them, or perhaps have a sudden craving for your grandma’s cookies she used to make?

Maybe you were thinking or dreaming about her, and your mom recently said she did, too!

In this video, I touch on 5 different ways that spirits send us signs of their presence.

Some of these ways, you may not even realize it’s them! We experience their communication through our senses, but also in external ways. Through our thoughts, tangible signs, consistency in our awareness, inspired action, and dreams… they communicate with us!

Watch the video to find out!

I’ve also got a couple of bonuses for you! A free quiz and a free Guide to help you increase your awareness of Loved Ones in Spirit.

If you want to learn how you receive Intuitive messages from your Loved Ones in Spirit, take this free Quiz.

Grab your FREE GUIDE to Connecting with your Loved Ones in Spirit here:

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