Shifting Into Your New Vibration

Jul 7, 2020Conversations with Spirit

How do you know if you’re in the process of raising or shifting your vibration?

This is a common question I get. Some people also refer to this as “upleveling” – raising your vibration and stepping into a lighter version of yourself. This is part of my life’s mission and I’m so excited to cover it with you!

There are 3 biggest identifiers you are in the transition process of raising your vibration (some of them may seem counter-intuitive!). These are all discussed with the assumption that your health is in order. If you have any concerns, please consult with your medical care team.


1) You’ll feel different forms of release

Imagine this process as if you’re breaking out of your shell. During this transition, you’re breaking out of limiting patterns, thoughts, beliefs. Pay attention to your body. As long as your health is in order, you may just need more rest or sleep to re-calibrate. A lot of times our spirit helpers will communicate with us during rest as well. In addition to this, you may feel super giddy, bubbly, or needing to move your body. Even crying is a release! This shifting into a new vibration is GOING to feel like a transition… because it is! You are shifting and creating space for this new expansion to occur. 


One of my favorite examples of this process is a hermit crab.

Hermit crabs are known for living in their shells until they outgrow them; at that time, they have to go through this transition of leaving one shell for a larger shell. It then starts the process over as they take time to grow into (and then out of!) their new shell. That is the same process we experience as we raise our vibration and uplevel. Think of your vibration as your aura that’s around you. You’re vibrating at a different level and consciousness. Because of this, as you’re raising your vibration, lightening and expanding, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable, or raw during this transition; it’s OK to protect yourself.


2) You notice a polarity in your life

You may notice that things such as foods, music, TV shows, patterns, routines, or people don’t light you up or bring you joy like they once did. That’s OK! Your chemistry may change and become more sensitive as you raise your vibration and this will continue as you continue to uplevel. As an example, I personally stopped eating meat and even went through a phase of not drinking milk based on what my body needed as I was upleveling. Everyone and their needs will be different. Just be aware to your changing and shifting desires and needs and respond accordingly. Just as it’s OK that we take on new, it’s OK to say goodbye to the old and let some things fall away.


3) Synchronicities happen more and more

As we become lighter and more aligned, our frequency begins to match that of what we’re manifesting. You may find yourself saying, “I was just thinking about that!” and POOF! It’s there. You will start to see these synchronicities and indication of alignment. Synchronicities are different than your intuition. For example, while you may find yourself thinking about someone intuitively and then they call, synchronicities occur when you’re aligning your path. There is an overlap because as you align, your intuition increases and you manifest faster. For instance, the more we open up, say yes to the synchronicities, and step into alignment, the more our intuition and manifesting abilities increase as well.

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