Ep 54: Set Your New Year Intentions With Your Spirit Guides

Jan 4, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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Set Your New Year Intentions With Your Spirit Guides

It’s a new year and so many of us want to start new cycles. When we say yes to the opportunities our Spirit Guides provide for us we grow as individuals and we raise our vibration and expand our energy. In this episode Whitney shares her best tips for setting your intentions and starting your new cycle to stay on course with your Spirit Guides.

Get Clear On Your Dreams & Desires

We are not talking about the ego-centered desires like I want $1 million dollars. We need to take time to get clear on those heart-centered callings. What do you feel called to do in this life? Connect into your heart energy and feel gratitude and ask your energy when it feels most guided. What would you want to do everyday that lights you up? What dreams and desires are in alignment with my life purpose? Call in your Spirit Guides and ask them what the right next step would be to attain those dreams as well as ask them to start creating new opportunities aligned with that.

To What Are You Willing To Commit

Now it is decision time. What in your heart of hearts are you willing to commit to, realistically of course, to make that dream a reality. Very lofty goals and setting the bar too high don’t serve you well. If our mind and spirit doesn’t really believe it’s possible we mostly will self sabotage our efforts. Committing to manageable action items will get you much closer to that desired outcome.

Learn From Your Past

Have a plan that sets you up for succeeding at those commitments. Reflect for a minute on other goals you set but at some point got off track. Once you determine the obstacles you’ve succumbed to before, talk to your Guides to help you overcome these obstacles going forward.

Opportunities Arise

We’ve laid the groundwork for success and, of course, we are going to be presented with the opportunity to overcome or give in to that obstacle. It’s part of the process of growth. To get to the dream you will inevitably have to confront it and move past it. We don’t grow by trying to bypass. Now the door is wide open for your Guides to create even more opportunities to drive you closer to that goal you set for yourself. The catch is, now you have to say yes to them to move forward. It may be scary and pull us out of our comfort zone, but accept those as growing pains to keep your momentum.

Growing Toward the Goal

What happens when that opportunity is way out of our comfort zone but we get curious and figure out a way to say yes, but it still doesn’t turn out the way the human ego expects. The path to the goal may not be the shortest straight line. We may have to pause and pivot to reach our desires. Sometimes our Guides provide us an opportunity just to push us past the discomfort then once we say yes it ends up not working out. But guess what… Now when the BIG opportunity presents itself, saying yes will not feel so scary. Just know saying yes to each opportunity that feels aligned with your purpose is driving you closer to it.

Theme For the New Year

Whitney shares the value of setting a theme for the year. By choosing a word or topic that you want to bring more of into your life you signal to your Guides where you’re willing to put your energy. Listen as Whitney shares the results from the word she chose for 2022.

We are wishing all the success you desire in this new year. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.




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What dreams and desires are in alignment with your life purpose. – Whitney McNeill

Ask your Spirit Guides to create opportunities to move you past any obstacles. – Whitney McNeill

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