Sedona Reiki Master Training!

Reiki Master (Level III / ART)


Reiki Master-Teacher (Level IV)

Certification Class 

in the Usui/Tibetan Tradition



October 13-15, 2016

3 Full days from 10:00am – 6:00pm

(class time may extend until 6:30pm. We will break from 12-2pm each day for free time outside the facility.)



Early Bird Price: $775

(After EB price, reg. $875)

*please see each class for registration deadlines

*Because class space is limited, you must pre-pay for this class in order to reserve your space*



Sedona, AZ

Registration Required:

October 2016 Registration & Details

Pre-requisite: Reiki I & II Certification in the Usui/Tibetan tradition, minimum age 18, the student must be in a place where he or she can devote a lot of time to the study of Reiki and have complete understanding of Reiki I & II.

*Accepting students from all Usui / Tibetan lineages. Those with different lineages may need to provide a copy of their Reiki II Manual and Certificate, and may be required to audit Reiki I and Reiki II.*

I recommend you review all of your previous Reiki class manual material, as all the material from Reiki I and II will be referenced at some point in this class.

You will learn Master Techniques:

In this class you will learn additional healing techniques and the Master symbol!

Techniques include:

  • Clearing the aura,
  • Cutting energy cords,
  • Clearing oneself of negativity and others,
  • Constructing a Reiki Grid,
  • Sending Reiki through the eyes,
  • Exploring past lives,
  • The three pillars of Reiki,
  • Advanced information about Usui and chakras.
  • Ancient techniques,
  • Additional meditations,
  • Information about other symbols are provided while developing your relationship with Reiki at this new level.

You will learn Reiki Master-Teacher techniques:

  • Students will be attuned to two Reiki Master-Teacher symbols passed down in our lineage;
  • Healing & teaching techniques;
  • Meditations;
  • Learn how to attune others in the Usui/Tibetan tradition.
  • You will learn 5 different attunements.*
  • We will also discuss the mechanics and structure of conducting a Reiki class.

Led by Reiki Master-Teachers, Whitney McNeill & Christina Wooten


Students receive attunements to 3 new symbols and the vibration is raised higher than previous Reiki classes.

The Reiki Master class is a commitment to Reiki, and a lifestyle.

Student will receive a personal Reiki Manual.

Upon completion of course, student will receive a Reiki Master Certification.

(Student must provide Reiki crystal grid materials which will be discussed at the first class. All other materials are provided.)

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