Sedona Intuitive Development Circle

Join us for a Spirit Circle! (Intuitive Development Circle)

in Sedona, Arizona


This is an opportunity to develop your sensitivity to Spirit Communication in this Sedona Intuitive Development Circle!

Cultivating a relationship with your Spirit Helpers is so important. They help us co-create our reality, aid us in opportunities in life, and assist us in healing, gut feelings, and decisions. We feel their presence through visions, astral trips, hearing, gut feelings, and just knowing information we did not previously accumulate. Often times, we wonder if we are really sensing Spirit, or imagining what we see.
This workshop will provide opportunities for you to be validated on what you are seeing and experiencing within a group atmosphere while you also strengthen the relationship with your Spirit Helpers. This class is designed to increase your sensitivity to Spirit and Energy as well as learning how to discern the different messages, visions, “thoughts,” feelings, and knowings you receive.
Wednesday April 13, 2016
7:00pm – 8:30pm
$15 / person per night
International I. A.M.,
20 Bell Rock Plaza, Suite L
Sedona, AZ 86351

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Faciliated by Certified Mediums: Whitney McNeill and Christina Wooten

Whitney McNeill & Christina Wooten, Co-owners & Co-creators of Sacred Light Journeys

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