intuitive class 2

Class 2: Intuitive Development and Spirit Fundamentals 102


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Registration Required:

This class has a prerequisite of Intuitive Development & Spirit Fundamentals 101 or equivalent experience. Please email me to register.

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What's Included in this class:

Experience receiving messages from your Spirit Guides in many ways and styles. This class focuses on quieting the mind, increasing rapport with your Spirit Guides, and increasing the frequency and quality of the messages they give you. This class also teaches fundamentals of Spirit at an intermediate level, however the main focus will be exercises with your Guides to receive information.

Students will sit in a Spirit circle; have partner exercises to receive information; increase their clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience sensitivity; develop psychometry; and relay information to others to receive validation. For those interested in mediumship, this is a nice introduction to see if you wish to develop that skill. Spirit symbols are also discussed in more detail.

This class is for the student wishing to increase the frequency and quality of the messages they receive from Spirit, and has the desire to exercise the Intuitive “muscle.” When we leave the beginner’s group, we still desire for more activities to strengthen our understanding of the messages we are given. This is the perfect class to do so. We must experience, in order to learn.

This class is the second class in the Intuition, Energy & Spirit Series.