Readings With Brenda

What To Expect In A Reading

Brenda is available for 1 hour Readings on Zoom.

As a reader, I always ask for the information to come through that is for your highest good and that it will be beneficial in your healing journey. That may be in the form of Loved Ones in Spirit coming through or it may be issues in your life that you need to address like career, relationship, or the past, present, and future.

There is no guarantee that I will be able to connect with a specific Loved One In Spirit during your reading, but we can ask them to be present with us.

Pro tip: It’s always helpful to talk to your Loved One and your Spirit Guides before your reading and ask them to come to you during our session together.

If there is anything not addressed during the reading there will be time to ask questions, too!

I ask that you come with an open mind and an open heart and you will receive what is needed.

Brenda Grasjo

More About Brenda…

She’s a Registered Medium, Reiki Master

& Oracle Card Reader

I grew up sensing and seeing things that cannot be explained. But, it wasn’t until 2005 that I asked myself, “Why am I here, what is my purpose in life?”

Thus began my journey of overcoming my fear of “seeing” Spirit again.

I started with a meditation class, which then led me to learn Reiki, Reconnective Healing, and Mediumship.

I completed my Reiki Master training in Greensboro, NC in 2010. I was also led to complete my Reconnective Healing training in Norway in 2012 while I lived in Sweden, before moving back to the states.

As far as my Mediumship training, I’m a Registered Medium with M.I.N.D. I’m a co-founder of a Spiritualist Church, The Path. While giving public messages and readings, I’ve found that Guardian Angels, Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, and other Spirit helpers on “The Other Side,” come through to give messages about the past, present, and future of my clients.

As an energy healer, I’m also able to see or sense where energy is stuck or blocked so my clients can release this energy.

Any information shared with the client during a session, does not replace advice or treatment from a licensed medical or psychological health care provider, or legal adviser. Your practitioner does not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe medications, and is not a professional healthcare service providesr. *Any decisions the client makes after the session, is of the free will of the client, and not the influence of your practitioner. The purpose of sessions are for spiritual and educational purposes.

Where We Stand On Diversity & Inclusion

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