Reservations for 2020 Readings are CLOSED.

Please join the waiting list below:

**2020 Readings are now closed**





I’m booking my 2020 Readings over 4 Days:

August 19-22, 2019


Reserve Now, Schedule Later

(After Aug 22, there will be a waiting list.)

Please watch the video below before purchasing.

(It includes all the details of HOW to purchase.)

In 2020, my business is changing to align with being my authentic self which means I will only have a limited number of spots open for readings in 2020.

To show my appreciation to everyone who has been with me on this journey, enjoy 10% off current pricing through 9pm pacific time Aug 22, 2019 when 2020 scheduling will close. Keep reading below:

How does this work?

When readings are sold out, you will see a waiting list for 2021.

? Purchase your 2020 reading now, and schedule at a later time. (Q1 availability will be up no later than Jan 2, 2020.)

? You are basically purchasing a gift certificate for yourself. You can also purchase for others, too.

? Once you purchase you reading, save your email! It’s super important. It contains the code and the scheduling link to redeem the gift certificate for yourself!

? Schedule within 1 year of purchase date, when the gift certificate expires. No refunds.

? Since there are only a few spots in 2020, sale may end before Aug 22, 2019.

? After August 22, 2019 you will not be able to purchase a 2020 reading at any price. There will be a waiting list, and if a spot becomes available, you will be notified.

? 2020 Readings will be phone readings only.

? There may be a few spots left for 2019. If you wish to schedule a 2019 reading, you can do so here. (Full price)

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Watch the video below on HOW to reserve & redeem your reading.