Removing Blocks: Align To Manifest

Jul 21, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Removing Blocks to Align Your Life & Intuition to Manifest

I just wanted to pop in to remind you that Video #1 of our FREE 3 part series Align to Manifest is available. What parts of our lives are necessary to be aligned to make manifesting easier in our lives? Our Intuition and our Higher Self should be aligned but to be able to do that we must clear any blocks out of the way. That is what Video #1 is all about, removing blocks that hold back your intuition and manifesting potential. If your energy is packed full there is no room to receive what you are trying to manifest. Removing blocks and clearing out the stagnant areas will create available energy to put toward manifesting what you truly desire and allow the room to be able to receive it when it shows up.

Identify the Block

Blocks come in many shapes and forms. One of the more common blocks is saying “I Can’t….” When we say that about ourselves we put up an arbitrary limit to what our energy can achieve. You can shift that mindset by instead saying “I choose not to….” and making it a conscious decision to reserve that energy.

Focus on the Positive

When negative things or thoughts come up in our daily experience it is important for us to shift that energy around to the positive. By focusing on an area “around” the issue or thought we are able to see it in a different perspective and not only that negative aspect. Negative things will happen or come up even when you are totally aligned. That’s just life. In those times, use your intuition to help shift that block vs continuing to push against it and inadvertently create more resistance to the flow.

Set Your Intentions

Clearly set the intention of what you want to release. Don’t hide behind it and keep it to yourself. Freely acknowledge what you want to let go of by taking a conscious action. Moon ceremonies & water ceremonies are beautiful ways to set the intention to release, but setting your intention doesn’t have to be that structured. You can create that intention by simply writing the things, feelings, or thoughts you want to release down on a piece of paper then burn the paper and release the ashes to the wind. What a beautiful message of release that sends to the Universe. By acknowledging and embodying what we want to manifest we become the magnet to attract it into our reality.

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