Removing Blocks & Obstacles to your Intuition

Apr 10, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Sometimes we want Intuition so badly, but we set up obstacles in our path that prevents us from getting the results we desire. Let’s talk about some blocks and obstacles we unknowingly set up for ourselves.

I bet you can guess what the #1 biggest obstacle to your Intuition is. Drum roll… ?…here we go. YOU. 

Yep, we tend to get in our own way without even consciously knowing it.

Let’s bring some awareness to the blocks holding us back so that we can remove them. Here are some ideas on what could in your way, blocking the door of your Intuition:

    • Ego – This could be holding you back. I mean Ego in the sense of, ” I’m not good enough.” Let’s trash the belief. We can even start saying an affirmation of “I clearly receive Intuitive messages from my Spirit Helpers.” YES! I like that one.
    • Fear – If you watch my weekly videos, you will see an episode on Fear. (You can find it here.) So yep.. we need to dig down into the cause of fear if that’s your block. Maybe you are watching too many scary movies and think it’s reality. Good news for ya.. It’s not! Another aspect of fear is being afraid to be validated or really receiving answers from your Guides. I have friends that say, “I don’t think I want to know what Spirit will say.” You know why? They are afraid of making change in their lives. Watch the video for a little more insight into this one.
    • Your calendar. Do you have alone time marked on it? If not, then you will have some problems receiving Intuitive insight. We actually need down time to calm and reset AND to chat with our Spirit peeps.
    • Clearing your Mind – You’ve gotta give yourself permission to clear your mind and find a method that works for you.

What this usually boils down to is, you are comfortable being in your old cycle. You want to connect to your Intuition, but you know that it takes a little bit of effort and change can be uncomfortable. I’m hear to tell ya…. You can do it, you’ve got the abilities within you, let’s open your door a little more to allow your Intuitive guidance to flow!

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