I’ve recently been working with the thoughts of expectations and responsibility. Mainly, about how expectations and responsibilities are just perceived by us and we hold them in our Mind. We tend to schedule ourselves too thin sometimes and then become a slave to our calendar. We continue to repeat this cycle over and over, because we have a perception of responsibility of whatever we are scheduling. We may be afraid or fearful that if we do not live up to these “expectations or responsibilities” people will then judge us. AND they might… AND some will…. AND really..  who cares?

Spirit was showing a carousel to me, representing the cycle of each day. We can repeat these cycles or just stop the carousel and get on a new ride. Sometimes we forget that we can get off of the carousel, and just BE. Maybe you need a day to reschedule all the commitments and things you thought were priorities at the time. Would you rather plug along and keep those commitments with your energy half drained, or take a day to recharge and reschedule at a time when you are full of energy and more balanced? Nothing really is THAT big of a deal in life. Even the things we perceive that are big deals such as deadlines and dates. Really, in the grand scheme of things, they aren’t.

I encourage you to ask yourself.. are you doing things just because you said you would?… just because you are in the habit of it? If they answer is yes, then ask yourself : “What would I rather be doing?” ” At this time, what is feasible for me to do?” “How do I prevent this in the future?” “Am I inspired to do this?” Once you have some answers, you can take action.

About the Author

Whitney McNeill is a Certified Medium, Reiki Master-Teacher and Spiritual Mentor. She is the owner of Messenger of Spirit, LLC, and the co-founder of the International Institute of Advanced Metaphysics (International I. A.M.), in Sedona, Arizona. For more information about services, classes & retreats, visit www.MessengerofSpirit.com or www.InternationalIAM.com.

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