Sedona Reiki Sessions


I offer in-person and distant Reiki sessions. Reiki is a wonderful Japanese healing technique with unlimited results.

Clients have reported:

  • Less Stress

  • Feeling lighter emotionally

  • Becoming more connected with their Higher Selves

  • Feeling less anxiety

  • Becoming more positive

  • Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Balancing & Healing

Reiki works to balance the body’s energy centers (chakras) so that energy can be restored back to its natural flow. Sometimes due to stressful situations, emotions, relationships, physical disease, and other factors, our energy becomes blocked and unable to flow in certain areas of the body. Reiki works to unblock these areas to restore energy function.

I like to say: ” We are a pipe system on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level when we are in the human body. Just like the pipes in our house, sometimes we get gunked up. Reiki is the “Drano” that clears blockages in the pipes.” Sometimes we only need 1/2 bottle, sometimes a full bottle, and sometimes we need to call the plumber!

Meaning: you may need 1 Reiki session, several, or a more consistent treatment plan to help you with your healing.”

I personally had a tremendous physical healing after my first Reiki treatment in Arizona. Results are different for each individual, however can be profound.

Reiki is gentle, relaxing, and able to be given to anyone willing to accept healing.

In-person Reiki in Sedona. I am also scheduling distant Reiki for those unable to come into the office, animals, or for those out of state.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Universal Life Force energy used to balance the body’s energy centers (chakras).

We are all made of energy, yet sometimes due to physical ailments, negative thought patterns, traumatic events and situations, surgery, relationships and work environments, our chakras can become blocked and in need of clearing.

Reiki is used to clear these chakras so that energy can flow in balance within your body. The Reiki intent is to treat your immediate needs first which can be on a physical, emotional or mental level. Continuous Reiki treatments can have a wonderful long-term effect promoting relaxation and stress reduction, treatment for chronic pain and conditions, physical ailments, etc.

What happens during a Reiki session?

For a Reiki session please plan to arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment. I will talk with you about your health history, what issues you would like to address during treatment, and answer any questions you may have.

You will remain clothed on the Reiki table while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere. I may work within your aura (no-touch) or with the body (light touch) to help balance your chakras. Some clients feel heat from my hands, cold sensations, tingles, or nothing at all. Your experience is unique to you and you may feel you wish to talk or fall asleep.

After a session, I will relay information to you about your chakras, treatment plan recommendations, and any exercises you can do at home to help your chakras function.We are all made of energy, yet sometimes due to physical ailments, negative thought patterns, traumatic events and situations, surgery, relationships and work environments, our chakras can become blocked and in need of clearing.

What is Distant Reiki?

I offer distant Reiki for those who are out of state, animals that can’t come to the office, and other situations where an in-person session is not convenient for the client.

Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere, at any time, as long as I have the client’s Higher Self’s permission. (the person receiving Reiki)

Results of distant Reiki vs in-person Reiki is the same, and distant Reiki clients enjoy the convenience of experiencing Reiki in their own environment.

How often do you recommend Reiki?

Treatment plans vary from person to person based on their needs and what is being treated. For the person who wishes to relax, a once a month plan might be ideal, however someone who is experiencing some mental and emotional turmoil may need once a week.
I recommend immediate treatment for those undergoing surgery or involved in accidents. Contact me for your personalized treatment plan.
Reiki restores balance to the body, however if the client goes back into a negative situation or experience, additional Reiki treatments are recommended for them to maintain at this level.

Is Reiki safe?

Yes! Absolutely. It is safe for anyone of any age. There are no known side effects from Reiki. In fact, many websites list Reiki as an alternative / complimentary technique to aid healing.
There is a Reiki in Hospitals program, and also the American Cancer Society lists Reiki and provides information on their website.

90 min Reiki Session

  • Within the 90 min session, experience Reiki and a 5-10 min discussion after the session. You session may also include aromatherapy, crystal healing, tuning forks (sound healing.) After the session, Whitney will discuss recommendations, question/answer, and additional treatment recommendations. Plan to stay 90 minutes. In-person or Distance Reiki *For Distance Reiki, I encourage you to schedule an appointment time where you can relax in the convenience of your own environment.

Reiki Research

Below are links I think are helpful for those researching Reiki and wellness methods not limited to Reiki.

Links to studies of Reiki:

Ongoing studies 

(listed on The Reiki Center’s website)

click here

  • Study by College of Nursing and Health Professions, University of Southern Maine of how Reiki affects anxiety, depression and pain.Results showed significant improvement on mood and improved physical symptoms: click here
  • Study by University of Massachusetts, how Reiki affects endoscopic procedure. Results showed reduced heart rate, reduced anxiety, reduced pain: click here

Other helpful links:

  • American Cancer Society’s information on Reiki: click here
  • Research tool for those with Mesothelioma symptoms: click here