Receiving Clarity: Harnessing Your Intuitive Power

May 2, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Getting clarity to harness your Intuitive power is really important.

You’ve seen those movies where a super hero discovers she has abilities and gets really confused about what’s going on with her, right?

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Your super power is… Your Intuition!

But HOW your Intuition makes itself known might be really different than the person right next to you.

Inside this episode I talk about WHY and what you need to do to get clarity.

  • Understanding your Intuition
  • How consistency in intuitive exercises helps your growth. (Hello – do you expect to lose weight on a 1 day diet? No way! Why would you expect that from Intuition?)
  • How you don’t have to meditate for hours
  • And how communication is essential with your Spirit Guides.
  • The most essential thing you must do to get the clarity you really want.

See you inside the training!

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