3 Shifts to Receive Abundance

Aug 18, 2020Conversations with Spirit

The Universe Wants to Give You Everything:

3 Shifts to Receive Abundance

Abundance – what is it? We can have an abundance of anything: joy, love, money, even clutter or junk mail. 

It’s really important that we are in alignment energetically when receiving abundance and with what we are trying to call in. 

1) Be in alignment

Are you truly in alignment with what you’re preparing to receive? Shift your day-to-day life to show the universe you’re actually ready to receive what you’re manifesting. Look at how you are acting; is it in accordance with the beautiful abundance that’s coming through? Make space for this in your life – in your home, in your daily life, in your routine, and in your energy field. Live your life as if you’ve already received it!

We can say out loud what we are manifesting, but our mental body is what is fueling our manifestation. The problem comes in when we are not truly ready energetically to receive the manifestation. Look at your energy and what your energy is saying instead of just what your mind or words are saying. 

2) Identify the blocks

The second shift is to look within yourself and do the inner work to identify the blocks you have to receive abundance. You may think internally you’re ready for the million dollars, relationship or new house, however, it’s important to identify any blocks in the path you may be subconsciously holding onto in your energy field. We need to identify and deal with any old stories we’ve told ourselves, or been told by our parents, care givers, or other influential people in our lives. 

In the free resource with the mini-course, I have identified the five main blocks that spiritual people tend to have around money and abundance. If you get through the mini-course and find you don’t have any blocks – fantastic! There’s another resource available for you at the end of the mini-course. 

3) Remove the blocks

Removing blocks and creating the space within in your energy for this abundance can take place several different ways. This could look like energy work, hypnotherapy, journaling, forgiveness work, or addressing those old stories and healing your inner child. It’s so important to make sure our energy reflects where we want to be in receiving abundance. 

Important Reminders

Take your energetic health to heart. We need energy check ups just as much as we need physical checkups that we have with our medical doctors! Abundance is in all areas of your life; energy affects all areas of your life. You want to make sure your energy is clear and receiving the good things; no one wants an abundance of junk mail, right?! 

I’d love for you to take the mini-course right here, and come back to this post on my Facebook page to share what you have identified and are working through. 

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