5 Reasons Why You Need Your Intuition

Dec 10, 2018Conversations with Spirit

We’ve all felt an Intuitive moment. You know what I’m talking about right?

  1. When you think of someone and they call;
  2. When you have a feeling to drive a certain road to work;
  3. You heard someone call your name;
  4. You received a message in a vivid dream or;
  5. Saw flash or vision of a Loved One.

After reading the above, if you are still like, “Nope, I still don’t know what you are talking about Whitney,” then we need to get you connected! ?(There is actually an Intuitive type where people don’t even know they are intuitive. More on that later.)

Everyone is Intuitive and born with the ability, but some people shove it in a box, while other people feel extremely sensitive all of the time. No matter what sensitivity level you have, it is important to get in touch with it and balance it.

When we are connected to our Intuition we receive so much helpful guidance! Unfortunately, we often take our Intuition for granted. We just think it’s there and it comes on and off like a faulty light bulb ?, or we slough it off and say, “maybe that was something, or maybe I just made it up.”

It is the most valuable asset we have! It is our internal compass telling us where we need to go. When we listen to it, all areas of our life can light up and become easier.

Instead of putting it on the back burner, we need to light it up! We are more efficient and effective in making big decisions, when we feel guided, directed, and connected to our Spiritual Guidance.

So, whether you feel you are receiving messages from your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, Loved Ones in Spirit, or Angels, it is super important you get a system going so you can have a happier life including career, relationship, health, and your spiritual path.

In this video, I share 5 BIG reasons why it is important to connect to your Intuitive side.

If you want to learn how you specifically receive your messages in this free Quiz.

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