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*Limited Spots*

Private Mentorship Session On Zoom

Save $200

intuitive mentorship appointments with whitney mcneill
spiritual mentorship with whitney mcneill
spiritual mentorship with whitney mcneill

I’m opening limited spots for private 1:1 Mentorship for spiritual & ambitious souls who want to laser focus on 2-3 areas of their spiritual gifts like: Intuition, Spirit Guide Connection, Mediumship, Life Purpose, or Spiritual Business.

We’ll meet in 2024 LIVE on Zoom.

What to expect:

During your session, we will laser focus on areas that you feel confused about, want to approve, or feel blocked.

Examples include:

Increasing accurate intuitive messages

Increasing accuracy in mediumship readings

Knowing that what you’re receiving intuitively is real and not made up.

Increasing your intuitive languages and making them become more clear.

Connecting more clearly to your Spirit Guides.

Receiving additional detail in your messages from Spirit.

Pivoting in your life purpose.

Attracting clients and marketing your business.

Creating your idea or offer in your business.

Starting your business towards your life path.

I’ll give you mentorship and coaching along with homework to take action on. I’ll combine my experience with Spirit’s guidance. Together, we’ll come up with a plan on how you can move forward.

These are live 1:1 sessions where we will meet together!

When you purchase your mentorship package, you’ll fill out a form for you to tell me what you want to laser focus on.

These sessions are designed for people who are not at the very beginning of their spiritual journey. You will need to know the mechanics of how to talk to your Spirit Guides and get intuitive messages. If you feel like you are at square one with your intuition, please take 4 Intuitive LanguagesĀ® here.

*Whitney McNeill and Messenger of Spirit, LLC reserve the right to refuse any appointments for any reason. Any information shared with the client from Spirit, does not replace advice or treatment from a licensed medical or psychological health care provider, or legal adviser. Whitney does not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe medications, and is not a professional healthcare service provider. Any decisions the client makes after the sessions, are of the free will of the client.Ā 

Will these be recorded?

I don’t record them but YOU CAN! At the beginning of the session, ask me for access to record so you can record on your local computer!

What is your cancellation policy?


Refund Policy

All sessions are pre-paid. There are no refunds for any reason. If you miss your scheduled time, we arent able to reschedule for you. Please check your scheduled appointment time. There is a 72 hour reschedule / cancellation policy



This servie and pricing ends March 25, 2024 at 4pm PDT

How long are the appointments?

Our first Zoom call will be 90 minutes. Our second (and last) call will be 1 hour.

When are these scheduled?

Our times will be scheduled in 2024 on select Tuesdays and Thursdays in May 2024