Ep 26: Where Do My Spirit Guides Fit Into My Religion and Business?

Jun 22, 2022Podcast

Where Do My Spirit Guides Fit Into My Religion and Business

Have you ever wondered about where your Spirit Guides fit in with your religious beliefs and/or your business? It’s a common question I see among my students.I know spirit and organizations of any type seem like two different topics. Listen as we discuss how and why they are actually very similar.

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Religion and Your Spirit Guides

Some organized religions foster a feeling of fear about talking to Spirit. Fear can definitely shut off our ability to communicate with Spirit. There can also be the belief that only a certain or chosen few have the ability to communicate with Spirit/Source/God/Universal Intelligence. However, that is not the case. As a Spirit currently residing in a physical body and therefore has the ability to connect to spiritual guidance and intuition. Listen as I give some examples of how your Spirit Guides will support and complement your religious beliefs.

How Do Spirit Guides Fit Into Your Business

Just as Spirit Guides can come in and fit in or compliment your belief system, they can do the same with your business aspirations and strategies. You can actually request Guides that specialize in the areas of your business in which you need guidance. They come in to help you elevate your business. I’ll discuss what this can look like from the perspective of the types of Guides you can request and attract as well as specialist Guides that can arrive to help you short term.

Tips For Getting Started

If you’re feeling stuck or like you’re stepping into foreign territory when it comes to starting or taking the next step in your business, there are a couple of things to consider.
Know that this fear is simply stemming from the fact this is unfamiliar but not let that turn to fear, knowing that your Guides are here to help through inspiration, guidance and connection. If perhaps you have doubts about your abilities or struggle with imposter syndrome, as we all do from time to time, you can ask your Guides to help bring people, mentors, and supportive opportunities to help bring you into and keep you in alignment.

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Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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We are all part of the Divine. We have the spark of Divinity within us and are able to communicate with the Divine. – Whitney McNeill

When we are taught this fear concept we shut ourselves off from being able to communicate with Spirit.– Whitney McNeill

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