Ep 25: When You Feel Like Your Intuition Was Wrong and What To Do About It

Jun 15, 2022Podcast

When You Feel Like Your Intuition Was Wrong and What To Do About It

Intution. Have you ever followed your intuition and then felt like things didn’t turn out like you thought? In this episode we’ll dive into what just happened, why, and what to do about it.

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We Question Ourselves and Our Intuition

First of all, when we follow our intuition but don’t get any results (or don’t get the results we expected) we automatically question our decision or action. “What did I do wrong?” Questioning can be a healthy tool of discernment, however it can also be detrimental if it leads to negative self talk or beating ourselves up. If you took action that felt good/right, then most likely you were following your intuition at the time.

Some Reasons Why It Doesn’t Work Out

The reasons you don’t get the outcome you expect could range from your Spirit Guides leading you to a bigger and better opportunity, to Spirit assessing your commitment. Listen as I share some real life examples of how this can show up in your life.

What You Can Do If You Feel Like Your Intuition Is Wrong

First thing is to be curious. Ask why you feel like it was wrong. If you feel that you didn’t get or understand the message, it may be that you need to develop your intuition further. Think of this like exercising a muscle so that it gets strong and more capable. Next is to truly be in a state of receiving and to make sure you allow the message to come in clearly. Asking the question a different way or from a different angle may also help. Lastly, let go of the expectation of what the outcome “should” be, then objectively look at the outcome you did get. Usually it can still be categorized as some type of success, however it just may not have been what you  expected.

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If you feel like your intuition was wrong, ask yourself why – Whitney McNeill

Are you detaching from the outcome as far as your intuition goes? Are you clearing your mind? Are you allowing yourself to just receive?– Whitney McNeill

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