Ep 19: What to Do When You Feel Like You Are Not Getting Messages from Your Intuition and Spirit Guides

May 4, 2022Podcast

What to Do When You Feel Like You Are Not Getting Messages from Your Intuition and Spirit Guides

I know you’ve had a moment where you feel like you’re talking to your Spirit Guides and all you’re getting are crickets. Today, we’ll talk about why messages can go quiet and what to do when this happens!

It happens to the best of us

When you’re developing your intuition, sometimes you hit a brick wall. Maybe you’re listening and haven’t received any messages from your Spirit Guides. We’re going to talk about why you may be blocked and how to shift in order to receive those messages.

Being overwhelmed can hinder messages?

If you’re overwhelmed, you are putting up an energetic shield. What are you supposed to do to remove that shield? I share some insight regarding the importance of self-care and opening the Root Chakra.
You may think that you aren’t overwhelmed. I’ve been there too. Listen as I share examples of different energetic shields and how they can manifest in your life.
Maybe you’re not physically busy, but your mind is too busy. I share some great tips for removing those mental blocks and redirecting your energies, so you can receive.

I was getting messages from my Spirit Guides. Why did they stop?

Perhaps your intuitive language has changed. Fear not, it happened to me too! There are four intuitive languages, and I speak to the importance of being open to those different languages and embracing change.
Hear as I share a personal example of how my fast-moving energy was preventing me from receiving messages. Learn the importance of pausing, resting, and aligning your energy to receive.
I share a handful of reasons why you may not be able to receive messages from your Spirit Guides. Now that we know why, it’s time to shift.

How do I start receiving messages again?

Learn how to do a self-check without judging or being hard on yourself. Are you expecting or looking for the message? Hear as I share why expectations can end up boxing you in and prevent you from receiving messages.
Listen as I discuss the importance of breathing and positive self-talk. Sometimes we want communication in a certain way, during a certain timeline. I share the importance of being open and living in flow.
Sometimes we make it harder than we need to! Learn my tips on how to “let go” so your energy can be in a better spot to receive.
Are you comparing yourself to others? Spirit Guides speak to different people in different ways. I share some of the different ways you can receive and remind you to be open to all of them.
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Here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.


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