Ep 23: Understanding Your Intuition: The Intuitive Language Of The Channeler And Claircognizance

Jun 1, 2022Podcast

Understanding Your Intuition: The Intuitive Language Of The Channeler And Claircognizance

If you find yourself saying “I’m not intuitive at all”, but often find yourself in the right place or saying the right thing at the right time or constantly experience synchronicities like thinking of someone and they call… then keep listening as I talk about your unique intuitive type.

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What is the Channeler

The Channeler is one of the 4 main types of intuitive languages. If you don’t know your particular language I recommend taking my quiz to find out. Channelers have a very natural connection to their intuition. It’s such a natural connection they may not even know they are receiving messages. Listen to hear a few examples of how this can show up for you.

How is the Channeler Different

The other intuitive languages typically have to do with the recognition of a message. I saw, I heard, or I felt. Channelers on the other hand may not experience any of those. I’ll explain some of the ways the Channelers body may respond to the actual messages you are receiving from Spirit. The Channeler doesn’t even need to be aware they have received an actual Spirit message. I’ll tell you a story of how this created an amazing opportunity for my husband and me.

What Does Getting Messages Through the Body Look Like

When presented with different options the Channeler will usually have a physical response to one or the other. Maybe one feels very expansive or makes you super excited, like “Hell, yes! I want to do that”. Or maybe the other feels very heavy and even the thought of it zaps your energy. Those may be Channeling responses. Or perhaps, you’ll say something that was not even a thought formulated in your own mind. That may also be Channeling. This makes it very important to maintain a clear and healthy connection with your Guides. Listen to find out how this can show up as channeling everyday messages for others through your normal daily tasks.

Claircognizance is Clear Knowing

Most times the Channeler will “just know” things. They don’t know how they know…. They just know! I’ll share a couple of true stories of how this played out, particularly one for me and my Mom. The Channeler is also quick to take action, because they “know” or have that gut sense of what the next step should be. Following these inspired actions often leads Channelers to be in the right place at the right time to meet the right people or say the right thing in that moment.

What Does The Channeler Need

Channelers need spontaneity and movement to express their unique language. They need to allow themselves to be led to the next right action and they need to move energy through their bodies to keep the language flowing and receive messages clearly.

The Beauty of Being a Channeler

Listen as I share a very personal story of how an emotional and triggering situation was orchestrated beautifully for the highest good of my family because we were able to listen to the clear knowing and follow the action it led us to.

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Channelers cannot clearly receive intuitive messages until they move the energy through their body – Whitney McNeill

Channelers have a great connection to their intuition, but it is so natural that they don’t even know it. – Whitney McNeill

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