Ep 27: How To Stay Aligned In A Chaotic World

Jun 29, 2022Podcast

How To Stay Aligned In A Chaotic World

If you’re asking yourself “How do you stay aligned to your intuition, abundance and purpose in a world that seems to have gone crazy?”, you’re in the right place. When you’re energy sensitive some days you can feel completely in alignment and the next day feel like you are in a funk. First of all, we are all human and this is normal. Today I’ll be giving you tips on how you can stay in that feeling of alignment

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A Consistent Spiritual Practice will help you stay Aligned

Talking to your Spirit Guides can bring you healing, comfort, peace, and guidance. But to get all this you have to make spending time with your Guides consistently a priority. The key to having a consistent practice is to give yourself permission to be flexible. Communicating with your Guides may not be a formal meeting everyday, but you can still stay connected. Tune in to hear me discuss how this is possible and what it can look like. You might be surprised!

Support Is Necessary In Staying Aligned

It is difficult to feel Aligned to yourself and your purpose when you feel like you’re alone and that you don’t have anyone that gets you or understands your interests. We always have the support of Spirit but as souls living an earthly existence we need support on the earth plane as well. Here I’ll discuss several easy ways to go about finding that like-minded community to help give you support when you don’t feel in total alignment.

The Cycles of Alignment

When we are aligned, we truly feel alive. We feel like things are working out in our favor. But feeling in alignment doesn’t mean we are exempt from experiencing challenges. Challenges can create opportunities and bring in lessons we need to learn to get to an even greater level of alignment. Everything that we think or do, our jobs, our relationships, are all cycles. They all have stages. A beginning, middle and end. Some are very short lived, while others last for years or even your entire lifetime. I’ll give you some clear examples of each of the 7 phases of the Cycle of Alignment and how to apply them to your current circumstances to determine where you are in your cycle.

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Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.



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Those times that we feel so disconnected are the times that we really need to lean into our intuition. – Whitney McNeill

We are aligning and shifting each and every day. Those little steps we are taking add up.– Whitney McNeill

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