Ep 22: Signs Your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones In Spirit Are Around You

May 25, 2022Podcast

Signs Your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones In Spirit Are Around You

Have you ever had a memory that stopped you in your tracks? Or do you see number patterns over and over? In this episode I discuss some of the different ways that your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones on the other side show they are around you at that moment.

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Spirit Guides vs Loved Ones in Spirit

There are a couple of main differences between your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones that you may have on the other side. Spirit Guides are typically around you on the regular. They are your main helpers by creating opportunities for you, as well as protecting and teaching you. Your Loved Ones can visit frequently but also attend to the learning and healing they must do on the other side. This is one of the important reasons why Loved Ones usually are not our Guides.

Thoughts That Pop Up

When memories or thoughts of a Loved One pop up seemingly out of the blue or something totally unexpectedly brings that Loved One in Spirit into your thoughts, that is synchronicity. This is conspired to bring that Loved One into your awareness because they are around. It’s like an invitation letting you know they want to communicate.


Super vivid memories popping in where you’re transported to the moment can represent a visit from your Loved One. They are letting you know they are around you then.
Your Spirit Guides know your energy system and can serve to help you better and more clearly communicate with your loved ones. They can act as a translator for you with those in Spirit

Smell & Taste

Have you ever been communicating with your Guides or asking about a particular Loved One in Spirit, only to get a whiff of a random smell with no logical explanation of where it came from? You have a feeling it is familiar but you just can’t place it. Then the a-ha hits and you realize exactly where you remember that scent.
I will also share an experience I had when one of my Guides presented to me as a certain smell.
Or maybe you get a certain taste in your mouth that elicits a memory from out of the blue.
Learn how and why Spirit may use these methods to communicate to you, or even through you for others.

Number Patterns

What exactly are number patterns? This is when the same repeating pattern of numerals (11:11, 222, 444, 1414, etc) show up again and again unsolicited. Number patterns are something we commonly see when we start opening our intuition and moving toward our spiritual journey. Repeating number patterns can remain consistent for years or may change over time.
Listen to find out exactly why and how seeing these patterns can be messages from your Guides or Loved Ones.
Also, I will give you some insight on how to discern what the pattern means for you.


Dreams may be the easiest way for Spirit to communicate with us. Loved ones (human and animal) may use this time to visit with us as well as give us messages. Pay attention to your dreams and what elements in them particularly snag your interest. It just might be a message for you.
If you want to learn more about communicating with your Spirit Guides, you can check out my free Spirit Guide Masterclass.


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Number patterns are something we commonly see when we start opening our intuition. – Whitney McNeill

Think of your Spirit Guides as translators between you and your Loved Ones in Spirit. – Whitney McNeill

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