Ep 24: Planning Your Life And Business From Your Intuition And Energy

Jun 8, 2022Podcast

Planning Your Life And Business From Your Intuition And Energy

I know there has been a day in your life where you sat there and checked things off your to-do list in zombie mode. Just staring at the list as it proverbially sucks your life force. It doesn’t have to be that way. Today we’ll talk about how to stop that and start planning your life and business from your intuition and energy for alignment.

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View Your To-Do List As Energy

What if you planned your day from your energy highs and lows, instead of mindlessly checking things off a list? Tasks go much smoother when you are an energetic match to it. We live in a world of deadlines, but as long as we’re mindful of when things “must” be done we create wiggle room in our schedules so that we complete tasks when we feel most aligned to them. The same applies to meetings and client appointments. We should balance showing up for our commitments with the energy we bring to them. If you are sick or energetically drained then ask yourself, if I show up will we make progress? Will I bring value if I show up in this current energetic state or would we all be better served to reschedule? This is a good time to give your Spirit Guides the opportunity to either shift your schedule or your energy. Listen as I give you examples of when you can align your energy with the plans you make today and how to execute in the future.

Living a Life in Presence

As business owners we have to look toward the future and plan what’s next. But we need to stay in alignment with the present. This is truly how we can be the most impactful in all aspects of our lives, including our business. It keeps us aligned with the things that light us up versus the things that do not. We are changeable beings and choices we make from free will can alter our energy. Allow room to be flexible in the present as you plan your projects for the weeks and months ahead.

Allow Guidance From Your Intuition

I know you’ve had many times where you’ve had tasks on your list that you just don’t want to do – the ones that don’t feel good. Like returning that phone call, working through a tech issue or dealing with customer service. Often in situations like this, once I’ve made the effort and not been able to resolve it, I will turn it over to my Spirit Guides and ask for help to take care of it. Listen as I share some ways this has worked for me in the past. By following your intuition and aligning your energy to what you are doing, you focus on tasks that generate income, with what serves you, versus expending energy on more fruitless tasks.

When Your Intuitive Insights Aren’t Logical

Sometimes your Spirit Guides may give you intuitive hints that lead you to do things a different way than you feel is logical. Your Guides are basically telling you where it is important for you to show up and remain in alignment with your energy. But be sure that because it is in alignment doesn’t mean it will be in your comfort zone. Saying yes to these inspirations and aligning to the energy of it may force you to burst through limiting beliefs but can open opportunities to more possibilities and abundance. I will share how living in your purpose 80% of the time will affect your energy and attract more alignment. Yes, that other 20% may consist of the “have-tos”, but there are also ways to make them align as well. I share how my husband and I decided to use a meal planning service to help us maintain a healthy diet but not overextend our energy. Check the link below to the service we love.

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What if you planned your day from your energy highs and lows instead of mindlessly checking things off. – Whitney McNeill

When we follow our intuition and our energy alignment we can grow our business and have a more abundant life. – Whitney McNeill

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