Ep 15: Opening Your Intuition and Abundance Connection with Your Spirit Guides

Apr 6, 2022Podcast

Opening Your Intuition and Abundance Connection with Your Spirit Guides

Today, I talk about the difference between the channels of intution and abundance, and how to open both to receive more abundance and balance.
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Listen as I share a story about a roadrunner that likes to follow me around and how he gave me a message related to intuition and abundance.

When you open intuition, you open your abundance channels too.

Do you feel like you’ve opened up your intuition channels, but you’re not seeing abundance? Keep listening and learn how to take intuitive action, just like I learned from the roadrunner. I share more examples from my life of how Spirit prompted me to take intuitive action that led to abundance.
Sometimes we receive intuition, but we are resistant to take the action. Have you ever received an intuitive message and thought that you couldn’t take the action? Listen to your Spirit Guides. The message was given to you for a reason – to live the most joyful, abundant life possible.

Let’s talk about the connection between intuition and abundance. 

Too many times, we say that we’re open to receiving when we actually are not. Hear a common example of how we often reject abundance and learn how to open yourself up.

What is the definition of abundance?

There is spiritual abundance and financial abundance.
Financial abundance seems straight forward, right? Hear as we discuss the difference between having “just enough” and true financial abundance. Having money does not make you a bad person, and having financial abundance can put you in a better position to share with others.
Joy, fulfillment, feeling worthy are examples of spiritual abundance, and the financial and spiritual can often go hand in hand.

Are you really ready to receive?

Sometimes we say and think we are, but when the time comes, it doesn’t feel like it. Look at your relationship with yourself and work to remove blockages and open the doors to receiving abundance.
Listen as we learn about energy blocks and how to release them. When you create less resistance, you receive more intuitive messages and abundance as a result.

How do I know that I have a block?

One key factor to note is your physical energy. Do you feel drained? Then you most likely have a blockage, and you need to align the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.
In this episode I share how to recognize and remove your blocks, thus allowing you to truly be open to intuition and the abundance that stems from taking intuitive action.

When we open our intuitive channels, we are also opening ourselves to the unseen.

This also opens abundant opportunities from places you wouldn’t logically understand. Hear an example from a student of mine, and how her abundance came in an unexpected way and learn how to receive from your Spirit Guides and the Universe.
Intuition isn’t always logical. Often it pushes us out of our comfort zone into unexpected territory. Hear another story that I share about a friend who listened to some strange advice from her Spirit Guides and how it all came together in the end.

Follow your intuitive hunches, no matter how small.

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Here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.


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As soon as you receive the intuitive hit to go do something, nudging you along the way, go do it! – Whitney McNeill

The faster that you take the intuitive action, the quicker you move into alignment, and also receive abundance. – Whitney McNeill

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