Ep 7: Meeting and Communicating with Your Spirit Guides

Feb 9, 2022Podcast

Meeting and Communicating with Your Spirit Guides

One of the most popular questions I hear is, “How do I connect to my spirit guides? How do I meet them?” And that’s exactly what we’ll talk about today!
First up, learn who your guides are and whether we all have them. Contrary to what you might assume, your guides are not your loved ones. Why? Because, as much as your loved ones want to help, they aren’t trained the way your guides have been to do only what is best for you.

Your spirit guides are trained to be helpful for you—sort of like a personal, spiritual life coach.

They know how to communicate with you in line with your own energy and intuition. Most importantly, they know what is best for you and ways to help you that don’t cause you any harm.
Similarly, angels are different from spirit guides, although they also help you.

How many types of spirit guides do you have?

Generally, there are three types of spirit guides: personal guides, teacher guides, and protector guides.
Hear how each type plays a critical role in your life, and how they can help you on your life path. I share how my own protector guides worked in a couple of situations in my life and prevented me from being harmed.

Once you understand that these are your personal guides, you can talk to them and convey how you feel or ask them questions.

You could ask your teacher guide to take you on astral travel while you sleep, for instance. Hear about the benefits of astral travel and how it plays a role in your life, even if you don’t remember having done it.
Do your guides change? It depends on their roles, though there can be a change when you experience a vibrational shift in your life, usually triggered by major life events. I explain this in more detail and why your guides might change in that case.
You’ll also hear about whether you’ve known your guides before, and how this relates to the contract you made before you were born.

You have a personal spirit guide team that’s usually made of two or three guides.

The more you communicate with them and develop your intuition, the more you receive your guides’ messages and can let them know when you need help. But beware: guides won’t work with intentions that aren’t aligned with what is best for you.

Learn about how your spirit guides communicate with you, and how you can meet with them.

Developing your intuition and even expressing your intention to meet with them can help. They also tend to reflect your own personality traits in the ways that they communicate.

Want to learn more about communicating with your guides?

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I look forward to helping you understand how your spirit guides assist you to align with your life’s purpose and your business!


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Your spirit guides will only give you what you are ready for. – Whitney McNeill

We emit a certain vibration… your spirit guides match that pattern, similar to a lock and key.– Whitney McNeill

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