Ep 17: Living an Aligned Purpose Driven Life

Apr 20, 2022Podcast

Living an Aligned Purpose Driven Life

What the Heck is Alignment?

Today, I talk about what alignment means and share steps to living an aligned, purpose driven life.
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What does Living a Purpose Driven Life look like?.

Alignment doesn’t mean that life is perfect. However, it does mean that the challenges we face each day will be more like speed bumps than roadblocks. Join me as I share the steps you need to live in alignment.

Choose Your Intuition First

Listen as I share a personal example of choosing your intuition first and how you can practically follow it and reap the benefits. When I’m speaking to my Spirit Guides and receiving intuition, I know that I am in alignment. It’s important to drop your ego and choose your intuition first, even if you don’t fully understand “why” in the moment.

Say “Yes” to the Aligned Opportunities that Support Your Vibration

Everything in your life has a vibration, and it will change as time goes on. I share the importance of saying “yes” to new opportunities and to shifting your vibration into alignment.
Simple examples of a sailing sailboat and a plant in soil provide great insight on balancing vibration to stay in alignment.
Learn what to say “yes” to and how to raise your vibration as your life changes to stay in alignment in your purpose driven life.

How do you know if something is within your Vibration or not?

IAsk yourself, “How does it feel?” Your physical feelings and emotions both act as indicators to help you see whether or not a person, place, situation, or opportunity is within your vibration.
Hear a personal example that I share from my past where I had to ask myself if a large investment was right for me. I even saved the note that my Spirit Guides shared with me years ago and share it with you. You will definitely want to hear it!
Ask your Spirit Guides what the right next step is. It can be very simple. I share some examples of messages from my Spirit Guides that may be helpful to you as a spiritual and ambitious listener.
When you receive that message for your Spirit Guides, you’re going to take action, right? I talk about getting out of your comfort zone and saying “yes” to abundance.

Make a commitment to your intuition!

I share some practical steps for doing this and believe that it’s the most important takeaway from this episode.
Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious


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When we choose our intuition first, over our ego, we start to see the validation and we start to thank our Spirit Guides and how our intuition was working for us. – Whitney McNeill

If we are choosing things that are not harmonious to our vibration, are we going to be in alignment? Heck no, we’re not. – Whitney McNeill

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 Intuition Abundance Academy is open NOW!!  

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