Ep 9: How to Recognize Your Intuitive Messages

Feb 23, 2022Podcast

How to Recognize Your Intuitive Messages

How do you know if your mind made up a message, or if it’s truly coming from your intuition? Today I talk about how to recognize your intuitive messages.
If you’ve ever wondered if what you saw or heard was real—for instance, was that your Spirit Guide telling you not to do something, or was it your own fear?—here’s how to tell the difference.

Most important is to learn your intuitive language (check out Episode One to learn more about this).

Recognizing your individual intuitive language becomes easier when you create consistency in practicing communication with your Spirit Guides (Episode 8 goes into this concept more).
Consistency allows you to more easily recognize the energetic signature that applies to your messages. Depending on how you process your messages, whether as a Seer, a Feeler, an Owl (by hearing) or Channeler (through the body), there are different ways your Spirit Guides will communicate with you.

Hear how intuitive seeing can be distinguished from the imagination when you are open to receiving messages.

Relaxing will always allow you to recognize your messages more easily.
But what if you’re stressed and anxious? I also talk about how removing excess visual input can also be helpful and share a few different ways to allow yourself to turn off the buzz in your brain and redirect it.
For instance, using your body to redirect the excess energy can help to quiet the mind. This is the place of receiving that we need to be, that will allow all kinds of good messages to come in.

Remove expectation of what the messages are supposed to look or sound like.

You might have specific ideas of how you’ll receive your messages. But this is just the ego talking, and we need to remove those expectations. Messages are not always delivered with a “Boom!” (though very urgent messages may come at you that way). More often Spirit sends messages that can be very subtle, even if not what you might have been expecting.
What if you need an urgent answer to your questions as a Seer? The answer can come in may shapes and forms. It might be a color, face, symbol, or a word.

How do you know if your messages are truly from your Spirit Guides?

Hear different ways to validate your messages, from writing them down to the Zoom play days in Intuition Abundance Academy for validation.
Also know that assumptions can be wrong. We might assume that a message will feel logical, when the real message comes across in a different way. Oftentimes the more abstract it is, the more intuitive it is.
Spirit might inspire you with a visual symbol. I share a story about my husband and me, how we dealt with some conflict in our relationship, and how our Spirit Guides helped us to understand what was happening

If you’re an Owl (someone who hears messages), I talk about how you can determine the best way to interpret your signs.

One easy way to recognize intuitive messages are those that arrive quickly to your awareness, even before your brain can process them. That’s an easy way to recognize if they’re intuitive.
In a high-stress situation, there are a couple of ways a sign can arrive in this case, too. I talk about the ways to recognize your Spirit Guides and their messages here. You might be surprised at how they can use technology to communicate!

What if you’re an Empath?

You feel all the emotions and messages coming in from Spirit. In this case, it’s best to use the aura bubble that I teach in my program. I talk about how to use it here. It will provide clarity and more understanding about the messages coming to you.
If you’re in a high-stress situation, normally Spirit tries to contact you in ways that you’ll perceive in your body. I share a few methods to determine the source of messages in this situation as well.

Finally, I talk about messages are like if you’re a Channeler.

Normally, a thought might pop into your mind when you’re in a receptive mode, or you just have a clear knowing. There are a few ways to recognize messages here—what I call the “body pendulum,” for instance, which you will hear about.
Remember that validation, knowing your intuitive language, tuning into the receiving mode, letting go of expectations, and keeping consistency going to build the intuitive muscle are all critical to receiving the messages from your Guides.
Learning your own intuitive language will help you walk your path and make the right decisions for both your business and your life’s purpose for that business.

Want to learn more about communicating with your guides?

Take our quiz to find your intuitive language (which tells you the best way to communicate with them). And don’t miss the free Spirit Guide masterclass, “5 Ways to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides.” Links to both are below.
I look forward to helping you understand how your spirit guides assist you to align with your life’s purpose and your business!


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The best way to receive your intuitive messages is to be in a relaxed state. – Whitney McNeill

When you’re really aligned with you intuition, you’ll know now is the time vs going through the motions
– Whitney McNeill

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