Ep 21: How to Navigate Mercury Retrograde with Your Spirit Guides

May 18, 2022Podcast

How to Navigate Mercury Retrograde with Your Spirit Guides

I just realized that I’ve been wearing my pants backwards all day and that I was looking for my water bottle while I was carrying it in my arms. This, my friend, is the energy of Mercury in Retrograde.
Today, we’re going to talk about Mercury Retrograde – what it is, how it can affect you, and what to do about it. Stay tuned!

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What is Mercury Retrograde?

Listen as I explain exactly what Mercury Retrograde is and how it can impact communication, technology, travel, loose ends, old beliefs, patterns, and relationships. I also touch on the importance of astrology and how to be aware and to prepare so you don’t get knocked off your game.
Learn as I discuss the “pre-shadow” and the “post-shadow” that go along with Mercury Retrograde, and how you can navigate this time rather than living in fear.

Let’s talk about what Mercury Retrograde can impact.

Hear as I share how I prepare myself when I travel during Mercury Retrograde to protect myself from any potential hiccups. I also explain the importance of re-reading information, especially contracts. Make sure that you’re clear with your communications during this time. I give lots of examples from my personal life to help you understand what to do.

Where else can Mercury Retrograde be lurking?

Listen as I dive into the “old” and the “unfinished business” that Mercury Retrograde often stirs up. I share some examples to help you understand how old patterns and old belief systems can creep in. It is always helpful and healing, but it can feel annoying too!
What about old relationships? People from your past may come into the forefront and you can choose which relationships to continue or decide which ones no longer serve you.
I explain how old business ideas can come back to you as well, and encourage you to do a deep dive on why you didn’t explore the idea before and why it is coming to your mind now.

Now how do we navigate all of this?

Hear as I share the importance of changing your perspective and looking at the positive. When things come up from the past, you have the opportunity to ask yourself if you’d like to revisit them or not. I give an example of when this happened to me and I called upon my Spirit Guides for help.
Your Spirit Guides can help you discover what you need to release from your life to prevent you from feeling bogged down. They can also help you in communications and difficult conversations. I also clarify the importance of taking time to properly process prior to making decisions.
This next tip is important in everything you do, not just in Mercury Retrograde. Ground. I speak on the importance of grounding yourself and share some examples of how I keep myself grounded. Let me know on Instagram if you’d like me to do a whole episode on this topic – I have lots to share!
Lastly – plan, plan, plan. Learn the importance of planning things from your intuition as I share some examples of how I’m planning and preparing as I navigate Mercury Retrograde.
Hear how Mercury Retrograde may create some resistance and allow you to pivot into alignment. This is more of a time of release and let go. Your Spirit Guides are here to help you navigate and I’m sending you good vibes.



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All of a sudden, we need a little jolt, a reminder to go ‘Oh yeah, oh wait a minute. I need to get back into alignment. – Whitney McNeill

“Ground. Allow yourself to be grounded.” – Whitney McNeill

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