Ep 20: Healing with The Divine Feminine, The Mother Role, And Being an Intuitive Mom

May 11, 2022Podcast

Healing with The Divine Feminine, The Mother Role, And Being an Intuitive Mom

If you’ve ever heard the term “Divine Feminine” and wondered what it meant, then stay tuned! Today, I talk about what The Divine Feminine means to me and explore being an intuitive mother and child.

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The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine can be so many different things. Hear as I share how, to me, it is a flow like water. I explain how I listened to my intuition during a recent launch in my business and harnessed the flow of The Divine Feminine energy.
What about The Masculine? I explain my personal view and perspective and the importance of balance over specific labels. The real importance is the flow of energy in and out, not what you call it.

Do you wonder if being a mom is part of your life purpose?

Everyone is different, and it is okay! It all comes down to your design and your life purpose archetype. I explain the life purpose archetypes in more depth and share some examples as well.
Listen as I talk about falling into your life purpose archetype, and making aligned, intuitive decisions, even when they don’t match what other people expect.
Hear as I share a bit about the mother-child bond and how energy can be passed down. It gives you the opportunity to unblock and heal patterns and “stuff” from the past and creates part of your life’s path.
I share a story about making chili as well. It may seem strange, but I promise it comes full circle. If you are doing your best to live in alignment, you’ve got this!

Being an Intuitive Mom

“I told you so!” Everyone hates hearing those words, but as an intuitive parent, it can be hard not to catch yourself saying them to your children. Listen as I share how intuitive parenting can be tricky and how you can navigate the messages you’re receiving while letting your child learn.
I talk about how to communicate with your Spirit Guides to receive the proper messages and how to know what you should share and how you can best share those messages. This goes for both parents and children.
If you’re an intuitive mom, just know that I get you.


Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious.


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The Divine Feminine can be that place of flow, that place where you’re receiving, and that place where you feel super creative. – Whitney McNeill

I just want you to know, you don’t have to be anything people expect. You are you. And you are valued and you are loved. – Whitney McNeill

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