Ep 10: Blocked Chakras that Limit Abundance

Mar 2, 2022Podcast

Blocked Chakras that Limit Abundance

My take on this topic may be a little different from what you’re used to hearing. In this episode, I share more about how blocked chakras influence your abundance and how to unblock them.

How can blocked chakras affect your abundance and intuition?

Think of chakras as energy centers that help us through our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; they also help us release energy. But if you’ve ever felt stuck and stagnant energy, that could be blocked chakra.
There are seven main chakras you hear about all the time (I cover these plus two more in Intuition Academy’s bonus course). They govern our lives, bodies and emotions.
Often, people who are interested in spiritual and intuitive development also have an issue with the root chakra. However, most spiritual teachers and students focus heavily on the third eye. While it is important, I stress that you should never focus on just one chakra, since that leads to imbalance.

We really need to look at all chakras to open and balance.

Learn why most business owners might make decisions that are ineffective when chakras are out of balance. As a business owner, the stakes are too high for you to simply guess when you make a decision!

I also spend some time talking about three other chakras: the root chakra, the sacral chakra and the throat chakra.

Learn why the root chakra receives the “least amount of love” in most studies. But it needs work because it’s very important, for reasons I discuss. I also share how a block here can also block abundance for you.
Hear my own issue around my root chakra blocks and how I resolved it (this might be a little TMI!), plus physical symptoms that could relate to this.

So how do you unlock the root chakra?

I share a few specific ways you can unblock the chakra, including what to eat, oils to use, what to wear, and more.

Next, the sacral chakra governs your ability to receive.

I talk about where it affects your body, emotions, and relationships with yourself and others.


Hear how the sacral chakra relates to receiving in general and abundance in particular. I share a couple of affirmations to help you receive and what to avoid.

The sacral chakra also relates to worthiness and feeling your own value. Learn a quick trick to recognize needy phrases and how to replace them with ones to help you receive.

Which psychological and physical symptoms might relate to blocked sacral chakras?

I cover many of these and how to unblock the chakras.
The sacral chakra also relates to water. Hear how you can use this connection to help clear the chakra. You can also use crystals that relate to the chakra, as well as oils that work here.

Finally, I talk about the throat chakra, which is critical if you want communication to work better in your business.

The throat chakra also helps with expressing yourself to the world. I talk about problems that ensue when this chakra is blocked.


Spiritual abundance and financial abundance really can go together.
Hear about imbalances related to this chakra and how to recognize them in behaviors and physical symptoms.

An open, healthy throat chakra provides a sense of truth and feeling heard. We speak our truth this way. Hear how you can open the throat chakra with the most helpful methods as well. In addition, I share a quick method you can use that requires no equipment or special preparation.

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Oils I recommend for chakras

We never want to focus on just one chakra opening and be out of balance with the rest. – Whitney McNeill

You can not lead an abundant life happily if you are not authentically you. – Whitney McNeill

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