Ep 12: 5 Ways to Have Confidence in Your Intuitive Gifts

Mar 16, 2022Podcast

Five Ways to Have Confidence in Your Intuitive Gifts

I’ve never met anyone who has always trusted their intuition (that includes myself!). So, if you ever second guess yourself, listen in today as I share five ways to have confidence in your intuitive abilities.
Rest assured, we are all intuitive. So how do you develop your intuition? Let me share what I did; what worked, and what didn’t, including the biggest decision that led to opening my intuition.

It’s important to take your intuitive learning seriously.

When you find the right teacher and are also serious about it, your Spirit Guides will know you’re committed and will be there for you.
Your Spirit Guides will talk to you, but you need to remember that it doesn’t always appear logical.
For example, I share one of many times when the odds appeared to be against me, but my intuition allowed many beautiful opportunities in the end.

Consistency is key as well.

What does consistency mean? It can mean choosing a specific time every day to talk to your Spirit Guides, or you can also attach it to an event. It’s key to find what works for you.
This also helps you raise your vibration. I talk about the Spirit Circle, something I teach in Intuition Abundance Academy.

Another way to create confidence is to remove your mindset blocks.

These can come from within yourself, or through others who plant the ideas in your head.
Mindset blocks can stand in the way of confidence, too. Learn about different mindset blocks that can affect you when you delve more deeply into your own intuitive abilities

Remember that you can increase your intuition through exercises and other work we do in the Academy.

These can help remove some of the common fears that people have in this area. I’ll share a simple way to change your perspective through affirmations so you can increase your positive feelings about your own intuitive gifts.
Validation exercises also increase confidence in your intuition. There are a couple of ways to do this, and I share them here.

Finally, the fifth way to increase confidence in your intuitive ability is by taking intuitive action.

Why is this important? Until you start taking action, you won’t see the results you seek. I share an example from my own life of how this worked and why it’s so important.
It’s amazing what benefits can unfold and how your Spirit Guides will help when you do take that intuitive action. Think about one action you can take—today!


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The more you train your intuitive channels, the more you start to recognize your intuitive messages. – Whitney McNeill

We are all here, open and ready to utilize the gifts we were born with… we are all incarnated with a toolset of intuition
– Whitney McNeill

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