Ep 18: 5 Types of Spirit Guides Around You

Apr 27, 2022Podcast

5 Types of Spirit Guides Around You

Do you sit there at night, wondering who is watching you from the Spirit world? This is completely common! Today, we are going to talk about the 5 Types of Spirit Guides around you when you start developing your intuition.
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The Protector Guide

Listen as I begin this week’s episode with a personal story. I had something strange occur recently and called on my Protector Spirit Guide for help. What does the Protector Guide do? Today, I share how to communicate with them and explain how they can help.
Learn how they can keep you safe, how they help you set boundaries, and how best to communicate with them. You can also hear from the Protector as you navigate the physical world. Hear the intense personal example that I share of a time that I received a message from my Protector Guide and ended up saving someone’s life.

The Teacher Guide

The Teacher Guide’s role is straightforward. They can teach you literally and figuratively, in the physical world or the Astral plane. Listen as I share how we travel through the Astral plane during our sleeping hours and how the Teacher Guide can communicate to us and help us learn without us even knowing.
Not only does the Teacher Guide help you learn things. It can also help you prepare for things. Hear the personal examples that I share to help you understand.

The Guide

Who is “The Guide” and what do they do? Hear as I explain how your Guide nudges you in the right direction each day, whether the task be simple or complex.
Next, we learn about the two Spirit Guides that you will start to work with once you develop your intuition.

The Chemist

What the heck is this? The Chemist helps to work on your etheric body. What is the etheric body? Listen as I explain what this means and learn as I share how The Chemist works and how it manifests.
From different smells to different sensations, and even cravings – you can see The Chemist working in unique ways. Hear some of my personal experiences of how The Chemist has worked with me as I developed my intuition

The Doorkeeper

The doorkeeper is kind of like a bouncer at the club, deciding what can and cannot enter. Learn as I share how they can help you and how they can work with The Protector to provide you with a more balanced life.
Hear as I share the importance of setting up time to communicate with your Spirit Guides and how the Doorkeeper can assist.

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When we choose our intuition first, over our ego, we start to see the validation and we start to thank our Spirit Guides and how our intuition was working for us. – Whitney McNeill

Think of a Doorkeeper like a bouncer at the club. This guide says, “Yes, you can go through the door,” and “No, you cannot.” – Whitney McNeill

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