Ep 14: 3 Mindset Shifts To Abundance In Your Business

Mar 30, 2022Podcast

3 Mindset Shifts To Abundance In Your Business

Abundance comes in when we are truly able to receive. Today, I am focusing on energy and mindset shifts to open yourself to abundance – specifically, 3 Mindset Shifts to abundance in your life and your business.

Hear why mindset is so important to your abundance and success.

The last couple of years have been difficult. Learn how to feel “in flow” regardless of your external environment and circumstances.
How resilient are you in responding to challenges in life and your business? Creating a mindset shift is a crucial building block for abundance. There’s a lot more to it than seeing the glass half full versus half empty. Learn how to navigate what you’re feeling and experiencing.
We all have disappointments and loss in life. I’m sharing my personal story about how I have navigated loss and the strategies I use to move through life’s setbacks.
The energy you put out into the universe is reflected back to you, especially in your business. You’ll attract situations and opportunities aligned with the vibe you’re putting out, as well as your thoughts and emotions.

Time off from your business is just as valuable as time working in your business.

Hear how your Spirit Guides can help you when you take time to relax and receive. I share the benefits of recharging and allowing for Spirit to come through in a more powerful way to receive those “aha” moments and inspirations. Use time off as an investment in your health, wealth, abundance, and energy.

Tell yourself how Freaking abundant you are and own that Sh!t!

Get out of the scarcity mindset. By understanding that it is okay to want money and success, you learn how financial abundance can help you live more joyfully. Tangible things are not all bad – the motivation is most important.
I share examples of how you can reinforce your abundance and goddess energy. It’s possible to take negative thoughts and shift them to their positive counterparts to elevate your vibration.
You can remove your limiting beliefs and reaffirm your abundance through positive self-talk and reflection. I’ll give you some positive affirmations that will help shift your mindset to maintain that positive energy vibration. Use these or create your own!

Remain open to ways abundance comes to you without being too focused on the outcome.

I am guilty of being too focused on the outcome of my goals at times, and I know that I’m not alone. We must learn to be open to the abundance, but remain focused on the right things which aren’t necessarily the outcome.
Is there room for abundance in your life?
Are you making space for your intuition and your Spirit Guides in your life and business?
How much energy are you willing to receive?
Are you willing to take inspired action?
I share a quick visualization that helps you become more visible in your life and business that will help you be more open to receiving abundance.
Join my free 5 Day Live Your Purpose Challenge! We’ll be working on your abundance mindset, increasing your intuition, learning how your Spirit Guides work with you and your life’s purpose, and we’ll be integrating what you learn with your life purpose archetypes.

Here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.


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When I recharge and level up my energy, I attract clients that are in perfect alignment, and I allow for Spirit to come through in a more powerful way. I’m able to make an even better impact. – Whitney McNeill

Tell yourself how Freaking abundant you are and own that Sh!t! – Whitney McNeill

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