Overcoming Fear In Starting Your Spiritual Business

Jan 7, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Starting your Spiritual Business:  


As we begin 2021, we are not only welcoming in the New Year, but also welcoming in the new energy of that year.  In numerology, 2021 has the energy of CHANGE.  I don’t think that comes as much of a surprise, especially to those of us who are overcoming fear in starting your spiritual business.

Is change a topic coming up for you lately? Are you feeling the pull to make a shift?  My life purpose is about helping people through change.  I help spiritually ambitious and intuitive souls turn their life purpose into a career where they can live that purpose in abundance.

If the thought of starting a spiritually based business resonates with you, or if you already have a business that you want to shift and up-level, most likely it won’t take long for you to run into the people who start throwing all the excuses of why-not-to your way. They may be family or they may be friends.  In all likelihood, they are well-meaning souls who really only want to help keep us safe. 

When I started my business many people said it would be impossible to make a living being a physical medium and delivering messages.  But that idea felt aligned to me.  I had the drive to succeed.  I figured it out. And now I’ve grown that business (by pivoting and shifting along the way) to be able to offer tools and knowledge to others to help them do the same.

That path is not going to play out the same way for everyone. But any path to success in a spiritual business will have these key steps:

  • Trust your Intuition

  • Take Aligned Action

  • Work With your Guides

  • Balance the Spiritual and Physical

Even when our plans feel perfectly aligned and every ounce of our instinct knows this is the right path for us, the physical application of starting a business can be overwhelming. Overcoming fear in starting your spiritual business can happen by mastering the right real-world business techniques, understanding marketing and how to make it work for you, building an impactful website, etc.

It may become so overwhelming that we begin to buy into that fear everyone keeps hurling our way or our own negative mind chatter may get too loud to ignore.

It’s at that point we have to change our mindset.  The truth is fear is simply a pattern that can be broken down and overcome.  You create your own reality through your thoughts, emotions, actions & the help of your Spirit Guides.  Limiting beliefs don’t have the power to hold us back unless we allow it to and hold us back from overcoming fear in starting your spiritual business.  Unless we give them that power.  

Our Guides work with us to provide opportunities.  It is up to us to say, “This is it!” and move forward.  Do we let fear overcome our excitement and keep us from fulfilling what we truly want to co-create in our lives or do we take full advantage of those opportunities, stick to our path and take things step by step?

Maybe you have an existing business and it’s just not as profitable as it has been, or what you’re doing in that business doesn’t light you up and feel aligned to your purpose any longer.  Maybe the energy of that business is not as exciting for you, you feel resistance, or you’re just drained by the whole process.  Then it’s probably time to think about pivoting that business into something that does feel more in alignment. 

It’s scary but also reassuring that we can pivot our business at any time and as often as we need.  The last 9 months have proven many businesses can shift on a dime and remain super successful and maybe become even more successful than before!  That should alleviate any fear we have of re-evaluating, realigning, and potentially shifting a business model to work for us better.

Does the fear you experience stem from a potential loss of security?  If you’re relying on someone else to provide what you perceive as security, it may be a false sense anyway. The exciting thing is about security is when we realize it’s within our power to create it for ourselves.  When we believe our security resides in the hands of someone else (my employer, my customers, my spouse) that is when we fall into a victim role mentality. We are not creating our own reality.  We are not standing in our own light.  We are not standing in our own power and confidence.  We have to switch that mindset.

I have confidence in myself and my Guides to co-create any secure reality I desire.

I have the power to choose what I do, where I work, or who I work for.

If you experience the fear of “what will other people think” of me if I start my own spiritual business, you need to understand that only gives your power away to “those people”, whoever they are,  The only way to overcome that fear is to shift the mindset and reframe those thoughts to reclaim the power.  The reality is  you are here for a purpose, you have a mission, you have control of your path.  When you do reclaim that power, that’s when magic happens and beautiful things start to move into synchronicity.

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Inspired to start your spiritual business? Get on the waiting list and be the first to know when our Spiritual Business Incubator opens!



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