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Aug 11, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Money Money is Spiritual: An Abundance Tool for Loving Yourself and Others

How does this idea sit with you? Is this a new concept to you? Perhaps you were taught that money is the root of all evil, or that if you’re rich you can’t be spiritual. 

Let’s take a moment to erase those thoughts. Take a deep breath. Erase. Feel better? Now, let’s focus on the word abundance. What feelings are evoked with the word abundance? 

Next, close your eyes and tune into your body. Feel in to your reaction with the word money. Is there a difference? 

If you’re like the majority of people, you probably felt more positivity with the word abundance and more negativity with the word money. It’s not unusual for the word abundance to invoke light, elevated, warm, open feelings. Money may make you feel constricted or uncomfortable. 

1) Money is Energy

Let’s re-frame how you think about money. Money is spiritual; money is only energy. That’s it! We like energy, right? Especially positive energy! Money is a tool – you trade the energy of money for the energy of goods or services such as a massage or an item you want or need. Think back in history – societies used to be run on an exchange culture; they’d give this to get that. In many ways, we still do this in several ways today – trading services with friends or family or giving of ourselves to them in various ways without expecting repayment. 

2) Money is a Tool for Abundance

Think about your relationship with money. How can you work to make it feel in balance? As you breath, this is a good indication as to how you receive and let go of energy. Take out a journal and ask yourself: which areas do I cut myself off from money? Which areas do I feel like I give freely? Where your attention goes, energy flows. 

 If you’re worried about money all the time, you may begin to notice a lack of abundance or worry  in other areas of your life, too – relationships, jobs, etc. 

You use money to take care of yourself and others. How does it feel when you think about how you take care of yourself and others? Spiritually empathic people tend to naturally be not just givers, but over-givers. Then, they may realize their energy and money are both drained. As they shift and make changes, they may begin to see changes but still need to address their beliefs about money. This is an ongoing process, and that’s OK!

 Abundance comes in every part of our life and touches every aspect in our life. You CAN be financially abundant and be spiritual. The more you count your blessings and express gratitude, you receive even more. 

3) OK, money is spiritual and is only energy. What can I do?

Grab your journal. Go through the areas of your life and look at the relationships they have with money. 

Consider what energy you’re giving yourself and what energy you’re giving others. 

What activities are you doing that don’t feel good?

Where are you spending money that may be an energetic leak? 

Are there shifts or changes in any of these areas to help preserve and protect or improve these energy fields? 

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