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Sep 8, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Money Blocks for Spiritual People

Are you ready to remove blocks to your intuition and to money?  Spiritual people often find they have blocks when it comes to money, and these same blocks can hinder other areas as well, such as intuition and abundance in life.

What we resist, insists.  When we identify those areas of resistance, we need to lean into them to breakthrough.  For example, resistance can come in the form of lack of trust.  “I don’t trust…. my intuition, my Spirit Guides, the universe, myself”

Lack of trust = doing/controlling and that blocks receiving.  When we trust, we are open to receiving in all aspects.  Career, relationships, intuition, financial gain, etc.  There are so many forms of abundance available if we trust enough to allow it in.

Here are a few more examples of common money blocks:

1) Spiritual “stuff” should be FREE!

Living your life purpose is spiritual and everyone has the ability to do it.  If you live your life purpose and help others by doing so – that is an exchange of energy. Money is also energy; money is spiritual. Reciprocation of money for a service or assistance in alignment with your life purpose is a balanced exchange of energy for both parties.

2) You should always put others first if you are spiritual!

If you never spend time replenishing your energy you will always be serving others from a place of deficit.  You can give much more from a full cup than an almost empty one.  This replenishing can take the form of self-care practices such as breathwork, meditation, alone time, etc.  And money flowing in freely can also provide the means to continue helping others or maybe even allow you to help in a larger, more impactful way.

3)  I feel like I’m taking from others!

“If I manifest this for myself then someone else will go without”.  That’s not how the Universe works.  There isn’t a limited amount of energy to go around and we all must share that one portion. This block comes from the limiting mindset of lack and scarcity.  The Universe wants to shower ALL of us with everything we desire if we are open to receive it.  We can all have our dreams without causing any deficit somewhere else.

4)  I feel guilty having this when others aren’t as fortunate!

This, again, comes from a place of scarcity.  Universal law applies to all.  Everyone can manifest abundance into their life.

  • You deserve the abundance you manifest.  You are worthy
  • You can share your abundance with others regardless of the form it takes.

The mindset that I only need “just enough” limits what the boundless Universe is willing to supply.  As a spiritual person, why should we limit what we receive and therefore what we can, in turn, provide?

We need to examine where such limiting beliefs and blocks come from.  We can dive into how our family’s relationship with money as we grew up may be affecting us now.  Did what we learned then, restrict what we think we are worthy of now? 

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