Meditating To Increase Intuition & Abundance

Dec 8, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Meditating To Increase Intuition & Abundance

Let’s talk about how we can meditate to increase intuition and abundance and why it works. Meditation is usually something you’re really excited about or something that you think you’re really not that good at. When we talk about meditation most people just think of sitting in silence and clearing the mind. But there are several other ways to meditate. There are moving meditations where you physically move your body to clear the mind. Examples of this are yoga, walking, dancing, breathwork and even cooking or cleaning. This type works very well for the Channeler intuitive type. There is also the guided meditation type, which is my personal favorite and the type I tend to do. Now let’s discuss a little about how meditation works.

Meditate to get into the most receptive state possible.

A question that I get quite a bit from my students is “I fell asleep when I tried to meditate. Did I do it right?” The answer is, you did it perfectly. If you fell asleep then that was your body moving into the receptive state best for you at that moment. The meditations I record are channeled directly from my Guides and infused with Reiki energy so the intention that your subconscious easily receives it is designed into the meditation. Even if you sleep or enter an altered state of consciousness the words, ideas and intentions still penetrate the subconscious and shift your energy into increasing your intuition and abundance.

Meditate to create space

By taking time to meditate you are creating space in your schedule to receive. I like to meditate for around 20 minutes a day. And the more you consistently make the practice of mediating and creating that space in your day the more that can be attracted in to fill that space. What you will be attracting will be aligned vibrationally with what you are meditating on. One thing you need to ask yourself if you want something new in your life is do you have room for it. Have you cleared the clutter both literally and figuratively to make room for this newness to come in? The simple act of meditating helps you create that space.

Meditate to allow new energy into your vibration

The more often you allow your mind time in meditation to receive the words, intention and energy of that meditation into your subconscious. The more you mind begins to believe these things are actually possible for you. Therefore consistency is, again, so important to allow the momentum of those new thoughts and beliefs to build. So whether you choose to meditate once a day or once a week consistency will help in the training and development of your intuitive muscle.


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