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Dec 17, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Creating your Spiritual Business: 


As we draw toward the end of the year, it’s always a good idea to start looking at what’s worked well for us, as well as what hasn’t worked for us. Especially if we’re starting to identify what intentions (or resolutions, if you prefer) we would like to set for the new year to come.

Last week, we talked about 60 Spiritual Business ideas that I hope inspired you in starting a new business, or pivoting an existing business.

Many of us have this desire to turn our life purpose into a career. In this video I want to discuss how to make aligned decisions in starting a spiritual business or shifting/growing an existing business into better alignment with your purpose.

To set any business intention into motion it is important to look at where you’re going to make aligned decisions about the things that may be holding you back and what can catapult you forward as you start to turn your life purpose into a career.

An aligned decision is about doing what feels “right” deep down.  You may think what feels right is to hide under the covers because of a fear of putting ourselves out there, but that’s not what we are talking about here.

When we let go of fear and we let go of our limiting beliefs so that we can make decisions in alignment with what excites us and feels good at the soul level.

Here’s an exercise to help us get into alignment with the decisions we need to make to move forward:

Take a moment to relax and close your eyes.  Take a deep breath in and out, now ask yourself… …if fear was not holding me back and Ihad all the confidence in the world  – What Would I Do?  What business would I create?”

If you already have a business, “What would I pivot or shift about it?  What would feel amazing?

Now…..  WRITE THAT DOWN!!   Hold yourself accountable! We have these wonderful ideas and beautiful grand visions of what we could create and what it would be like, then ego steps in and says, “You can’t do that!”.  “You can’t make money from that?”  “You can’t support yourself doing that!”

We need to defuse that fear and those limiting beliefs and not allow them to derail our goals of having a career living fully in our purpose.  Face those limiting beliefs by acknowledging the ego and simply showing gratitude and asking “What are you here to share with and/or teach me?”

  • First, tune into your intuition and your body – a simple check-in with self –  and make a list of the perfect world you want to co-create. 

What do I want to do? Who do I want to serve or help? What would make me so freaking excited to be able to do every, single day!!?? 

  • Secondly, continuing to check-in with self, make a list of why you think you can’t have that perfect world. 

If you think, “In a perfect world I wouldn’t have to make money from doing this.”  – That is a limiting belief regarding your relationship with money.  Actually in a perfect world everyone has this beautiful abundance they are tapping into and you could tap into that abundance as well.  

  • Look at your list of “can’t’s and honor them as limiting beliefs.  It is only a list of stories you’ve told yourself, or that someone else has told you, that simply aren’t true.  

You are co-creating your reality with your Spirit Guides and it’s time to move forward on your path and in your purpose.  By holding onto those beliefs you have the potential to even project them onto your future clients and customers when in all likelihood they don’t feel that way at all.   Allow yourself this space to acknowledge that these beliefs have been there, but can now be released as they no longer serve you.

  • As you make and review the list of what you want to do and who you want to serve, remain open to alternative methods of obtaining that goal you may not have previously considered. 

For instance, could there be a virtual component added into what you want to do?  Right now there is a lot of energy around having that virtual component to any offering.  It may not be your main method or even your preferred method, but remaining open to integrated components like this that you haven’t previously envisioned helps hold any limiting beliefs around energy or spiritual work only being successful in person. As a Psychic Medium being in business for 10yrs, I can tell you that many of the most successful and powerful sessions I’ve had, have been executed remotely.

  • When you ask yourself what you want to do,  who you want to serve, and how to do it, make sure your body is responding excitedly to your answer.  Get out of your head about what is logical and get into how your body and heart space react. How does your answer FEEL on the inside.   Get in touch with your intuition, what does it tell you? 

Putting fear aside, really look at how you would ideally want to build your business.  What format excites you most?  Do you gravitate to one-on-one sessions?  Group learning?  Virtual classes?  Conducting retreats?  Writing a book?  Maybe a combination of several?

There is no “it has to be this way… this is the formula you should follow” to create a business”.  You are co-creating this with Spirit; it can be whatever feels right to you in this moment.   And what feels right may change over time and you get called to add more or even to create something entirely new.  It’s OK!!  If you are not in alignment with the “what, the who, and the how”, you are not going to be able to manifest the abundance and the wealth you would ultimately want for yourself and your clients.

  • Lastly, you are going to have to get out of your Comfort Zone.  **TOUGH LOVE ALERT** 

There will be challenges along the way.  There are going to be things that come up for you.  Maybe it’s Imposter Syndrome.  Maybe there is hesitation about putting yourself out there completely as this business leader,   There is always resistance when we face our fears.  But we HAVE TO FACE THEM and get to the other side of them to manifest exactly what we want in our lives.

For today, my desire is that you REALLY get CLEAR on what it is you want to do and how you want to get there (“how” meaning the implementation format that aligns with your goal).  Remember, our Spirit Guides take care of the “How” when it comes to orchestrating the opportunities the Universe sends our way to help us achieve our goals.  And we need to be clear on our plan so when the right opportunity presents itself through Aligned Actions from Aligned Decisions, we are ready to seize it.

With clear intent, there are really NO LIMITS to what you and Spirit can co-create.

Go to Messengerofspirit.com/ideas now to get your copy of 60 IDEAS FOR A SPIRITUAL BUSINESS.

If you have an idea that is not on the list, don’t worry.  Whatever feels right to you and makes you really excited is what you should DO.  Our wish for you is you find your opportunity to LIVE your PURPOSE fully Aligned with what makes your soul sing.

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