Loving Yourself and your Heart Chakra

Feb 14, 2019Conversations with Spirit

When I say “self-love,” do you roll your eyes, cringe, or say “ugh?” Maybe you say “ooh.. yes.. I do that!” I hope it’s the latter, BUT if it’s not… that’s okay.. I am totally with you on the former.

YES.. I actually still roll my eyes at self care ?, even though it is sooo important. I think it’s because our society teaches the mentality of, “Go go go … you can’t stop. You have to pay attention to others. You will be rude if you don’t put other people first, listen to their every problem, and you must be the PERFECT mom. Sorry you don’t have time for yourself, but you will be selfish if you do.”

That’s honestly how I felt and it was ingrained in me. I’ve pulled most of those thought-weeds out, but I’ve still got a few in there. I always want to be NICE. Even if I don’t have time to chat with someone, I catch myself trying to listen to them anyway.

Know what happens when we do that? We end up being resentful, rude, and the victim. “I couldn’t get out on time because so-and-so had to talk to me for hours.” TOTALLY the victim mentality and we probably don’t even know we were in that role!

We’ve gotta achieve a healthy balance. We honestly cannot be the best version of ourselves if we aren’t balanced and take the time to recharge, reflect, and regroup.

When we don’t make time for that, we close down our heart chakra. We guard it unknowingly. Then we become picky, snappy, depleted, and unloving to ourselves.

So, I’m gonna tell you… LOVING YOURSELF AND PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST IS NOT SELFISH. You HAVE to honor yourself. Get to know the only person that is with you ALL THE TIME. That is YOU, my friend. You’ve got to spend time with yourself, so be nice to yourself, okay?

Here’s a heart chakra download for ya to help you with opening, receiving, balancing, and LOVING yourself.

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