Living your purpose

Mar 20, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Have you ever wondered what the heck your life purpose is… or how the heck to actually live it?

If you think I just read your mind, no worries.. you aren’t alone.

Sometimes you have so much going on in life that you aren’t sure how to tap into it. 

It can be hard to even know what your “meant to do,” let alone think about how to get there.

It all comes down to your passion, fulfillment, and what inspires you. When we feel fulfilled, it’s like we get a message from the Universe and our Spirit Guides that we are in the right place. It is essential to listen to your body and emotions. Pay attention to how you feel. Do you feel lifted up or drained? If you feel energized and excited.. that’s a good indication you are on the right track.

Stepping into our life purpose can be scary. Our brain wants to try to talk us out of it. “Ahhh.. this isn’t safe. How can I make money at this? Nope nope nope.”

I’ve SO been there. I derailed my own path for years. To get back onto it, I needed to start my own business and come out of the Medium closet to my friends, family, and the public.

Oh boy. Ya know what though? Even though my stomach hurt, and I felt nervous as all heck…. I still felt guided. I felt like I was in the eye of the hurricane, but the sun was still shining down on me. My Spirit Guides were with me the whole time. They helped create opportunities for me so that I could recognize them when they presented themselves.

For those of you who are already living your purpose and loving it… fantastic! Keep at it. It may shift and change through the years, as you express your purpose in different ways.

I have an exercise for you in the video.. so grab a pen and paper so you can do some writing.

See ya inside.

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