Know the 3 Types of Spirits around you

May 4, 2019Conversations with Spirit

Do you know your Spirit helpers are? It is okay if you don’t. I’m going help clear that up for you!

Some people are confused about who they are talking to. There are so many terms like “guardian angels,” “Spirit Guides,” “Loved Ones,” “Spirit Helpers.” Which one is right?

Well, you can use all of those terms to reference Spirit, BUT I have to say that it might not be accurate. Let’s give credit where credit is due. To do that, we need to know who is actually helping us right?

There are Angels that can help us, but they don’t necessarily communicate with us on a regular basis. (If you are calling your Spirit Guides, Angels, then sure they do! However, I’m talking about actual Angels.) Angels are available to many people at the same time, and can protect, heal, and comfort.

Loved Ones in Spirit like to help, too! I get so many Loved Ones trying to tell my clients about their car maintenance, dental appointments, and even what they think of the garden or rose bush outside! It’s a hoot! Just remember, Loved Ones in Spirit give their opinions, just like they did on the Earth plane.

If you want objective guidance, then you need to talk to your Spirit Guides. Your Guides are just for you, and really know your life path. They help you with opportunities, relationships, health, and so much more!

Watch the video to find out more. It was originally on Facebook live, but it was so helpful to others that I wanted to make it accessible to everyone!

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