Joy Guides – Spirit Guides of Joy and Inspiration

Mar 6, 2019Conversations with Spirit

What’s bringing you joy? Joy guides are Spirit Guides with a skill set to help inspire us with joy, creation, and laughter.

Have you ever laughed at an inappropriate moment? Have you found yourself busting at the seams with laughter over something so small and trivial? How about when you are crying happy laughing tears?

Joy Guides help us with that. If we’ve been super stressed, they often come in to lighten our vibe. They can help us “find our happy place.” Our happy place could be through a childhood memory, a funny moment, or a feeling of gratitude to explore life with a child-like wonder.

When we get too serious, joy guides help us shake things up.

The other day, my husband said..”Oohh.. remember the skating rink in the 80’s? I was so good and flew around the rink. I wonder if there are any skating rinks and we can have a skating party.”

My face was all contorted and confused. I’m like, ” WHAT? Skating?” Laughing out loud because it’s so out of character, and to me… NOT fun.

You see, I was one of those girls that just pushed with one leg around the rink. I also, DO NOT find skating fun, and feel like sometimes you shouldn’t revive the 80’s.

Ya know what? My husband had been in a funky period for a while, and so this was a joy guide trying to…

1) Help him remember the child-like feeling he once had of freedom and fun… and

2) Helping me by cracking up with laughter.

If you feel like you need more inspiration, joy, and laughter or if you feel like you don’t have a Joy Guide, then it’s time to ask for one. I cover that in the video 😉

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