Is Being Too Sensitive Affecting Your Manifesting

Jul 15, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Is Being Too Sensitive Affecting Your Manifesting

Have you been told that you are too sensitive or that you’re just too much. Do you wonder how you could possibly be too much when you totally feel like you’re not enough? Today let’s discuss some of the ways to shake off those labels and turn that sensitivity to your advantage.

Shift Out Energy That Is Not Yours

The first thing you need to do if you are being told you are “too” anything is to shift that out of your vibration. That is someone else’s opinion and not your “stuff’” to carry. The most effective way to do that is to remove yourself from their energy. Being alone for an extended period of time is a great way to cleanse your own energy and recharge. Chakra clearings, being in nature, and breathwork are all also really great ways to move out energy that you’ve accumulated. Regardless of the method, releasing the energy that does not belong to you is the key.

Understand Who You Are At The Core

Secondly, it is so important for us to intrinsically understand who we are and what we want. Get in touch with your true identity. Truly sensitive people can become too open at their core (in the Solar Plexus) and in being so we sense and feel so much from others around us and the environment in general. That can begin to edge out our own identity as that energetic space becomes smaller and smaller, and more cluttered with that outside energy. Give yourself permission to truly know who you are, what you want, and to want more of that in your life. It is totally within you to separate what you really know and feel from the “shoulds” that those around you try to impose.

Recognize What You See & Feel Is Real

If you’ve been told you are “too sensitive” (or “too” anything, really) it can feel very invalidating. But being an empath is a valid state of being that some may just not understand from the energetic perspective. Therefore it may become necessary for you to protect your own energy in a different way. It then becomes very important to set healthy boundaries with those people in our lives. You can also do daily energetic protection exercises like focusing the energy in your Solar Plexus and envision it expanding and glowing brighter until it completely encompasses your body and intend that it stay that way as an energetic barrier throughout the day.

Embrace Your Sensitivity

Is the assumption that being “too sensitive” a bad thing true? What if it is actually your superpower. That enhanced sensitivity means you are more in touch with your surroundings and you receive intuitive messages far quicker and easier than most. Once you harness your sensitivity you can use it to your advantage, giving you an edge in any situation.

Know You Are Enough

Lastly, this is not a one or the other situation. Its not a choice between being “too much” or “not enough”. We are ALL always enough. We are exactly who we are supposed to be in this moment. It is not your responsibility to convince those who are not at a point within their own selves to see and appreciate your worth.

Clarity In Manifesting

What does all this have to do with Manifesting, you might ask? Putting everything we’ve outlined together will help you create a clear space from which to manifest. You are clear on who you are and what you want. You are cleared of the stagnant energy of others and no longer influenced by the expectations they project onto you. You’re embracing your sensitivity and tuning into spirit and the guidance they provide you through your intuition. All of this culminates in a clear and concise intention to the Universe.

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