Is Being Empathic A Gift or Curse?

Nov 17, 2020Conversations with Spirit

 Is Being Empathic a Gift or a Curse? 

When we are very sensitive to different energies and don’t know how to control it, at times we can definitely feel like it is a Curse. How does it feel for you? Is being empathic a gift or a curse in your eyes? We end up in places where we are not understood, around people who “just don’t get us”, or maybe we feel like we don’t fit in anywhere.   

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Being an Empath is a Gift.  You can make it your Superpower.  Some people are just born more sensitive than others and maybe you even became even more sensitive as you grew up.  It’s part of your energetic makeup and the way you were designed.  Perhaps you feel the emotions of other people around you.  Maybe even when you’re alone you feel the energy of your community whether it be local, national or even the global community (as many of us are experiencing due to the pandemic). And because of this, you can more easily see why the question, is being empathic a gift or a curse, comes to mind.

Understanding that sensitivity, where it’s coming from, and knowing how to manage it specific to our individual needs can make a huge difference.  Having the tools to shield and protect yourself from becoming overwhelmed by all this energy can make a big difference for us.  By protection we are talking about protective maintenance, about managing the level of sensitivity so that it remains at a comfortable, livable level. We don’t want to hold our own energy so close and shielded that we feel suffocated or restricted. 

If you feel like you are too sensitive, if you’re asking yourself “is being empathic q gift or a curse,” or you’ve been told that you are too sensitive, and you don’t know how to deal with it or how to “fix” it, just remember this is who you are.  You are unique and there is nothing wrong with you.  Don’t wish your Gift away, just hone it and learn the tools to manage it for your greater good.

As empaths, sometimes we are not even aware that the way we feel is actually a reaction triggered by the energy around us versus an emotion that actually belongs to us. What we don’t want to do is neglect that awareness to the point we become resentful of (or to) that trigger.  This is an indicator we need to come up with a new plan to manage the energy and our reaction to them.

For instance, Empaths may have a hard time or feel guilty saying no because we are sensitive, we are more in tune with how much energy will be expended to do what is asked of us.  Even though we may know that “thing” will make us feel totally drained and have that gut feeling that we just don’t want to do it, we still feel guilty saying no.   We need the tools to break that Curse.  To switch it over to understanding that this is how we were created and how we operate, and use that Gift to conserve our energy so our cup remains full and we have plenty to give in the areas that do feel right.

The keys to unlocking your Empathic Superpower are:

  • Learning How our Unique Energy Pattern OPERATES.

  • Identifying Our Energy TRIGGERS.
  • Building A SCHEDULE around What Works Best with our specific Energy Sensitivities.   
  • Learning TECHNIQUES to Buffer ourselves and Protect our Energy.

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