Intuitive Development Coaching

Developing Your Intuition


It can be so exciting and sometimes scary when we are starting to recognize our Intuition. Sometimes Spirit shows up to communicate with us more frequently and we need some help to “tune in” to receive our own messages.

On the contrary, sometimes we feel we aren’t connected or have trouble receiving messages from Spirit and we wish to develop our Intuition!

Intuitive Development Coaching sessions are designed to be customized to the student. Each student’s objective may be slightly different.

In an Intuitive development coaching session, students can develop their:

  • ~ Sensitivity to Spirit communication;
  • ~ Clairvoyance;
  • ~ Clairaudience;
  • ~ Clairsentience;
  • ~ Claircognizance;
  • ~ Empathic qualities;
  • ~ and more.

Most sessions, student have “homework,” or at-home study, such as different meditations and techniques to implement on their own time. Students receive guidance and transformational “tools” to aid them in connecting with Spirit themselves.

Sessions can be in-person, phone, or Skype. This is a wonderful alternative to an Intuitive Development Class when the student / client is not able to attend in-person and when a student prefers more of a private setting and wishes to receive 100% one-on-one time with the teacher/coach.

Please contact me below so we can go over your goals and customize a plan for you. Perhaps you will be in the Sedona area and need a private class for a few hours, or perhaps you would like more ongoing sessions.

Please see my mentorship page.

* Please note coaching sessions are not and do not include Intuitive/Psychic readings. [/box]

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