Increase Your Intuition and Abundance

May 4, 2021Conversations with Spirit

Increase Your Intuition and Abundance

Today I’m inviting you to a Challenge we have coming up in a few weeks. It’s our FREE 5 Day Intuition & Abundance Challenge beginning May 17th and it is completely centered around helping you Increase your Intuition and Abundance. If you’d like to register to join, you can do that starting today at www.messengerofspirit.com/more.

Here’s a little peek at what our Challenge is all about.

CELEBRATING your Intuition and Abundance

The FREE 5 Day Challenge is a time to celebrate our Intuition & Abundance. Moving into the Spring and Summer as a period of growth and as the world also begins to open back up a little more, it’s the perfect time to allow the same growth and expansion to happen in our energy as well.

EVALUATING your Intuition and Abundance

The Challenge is an opportunity to evaluate how we feel intuitively. Do we feel aligned with what we are doing? Are we feeling aligned moving forward in our abundance? Do we feel blocked from moving to our next Abundance level? Or even if we feel blocked in our Intuition and receiving divine guidance from our Spirit Guides in order to move forward with aligned decisions.

ALIGNING with your Intuition and Abundance

Listening to our intuition is really our internal compass. The more we hear, feel, know and see what our intuition is telling us the more we begin to make the decision to say yes to opportunities that are more in alignment with our true path. When we are in tune with our Intuition and our Spirit Guides, they work hard on our behalf to create these aligned opportunities for us.

CREATING A COMMUNITY centered around Intuition and Abundance

The community of individuals going through the Challenge together is an uplifting and positive place for everyone regardless of where they currently are on their intuitive journey. We set our intention and remove our Intuitive & Abundance blocks in a supportive environment as we move through the Challenge training together.

GROWING your Intuition and Abundance

If you are here listening to this video, you’re interested in Spiritual growth. When we talk about Abundance it means different things to different people. Our abundance is spiritual abundance and financial abundance. No matter what that is for you, it usually boils down to two things,freedom and joy. How can we have more freedom in our life and how can we have more joy in the things we do? In the Challenge we work to identify what may be blocking that freedom and joy from truly manifesting in your life and learn ways to remove those blocks together.

Our FREE 5 DAY INTUITION & ABUNDANCE CHALLENGE starts MAY 17th!!! The training will be daily @ 11 am PDT and will last about an hour. Join LIVE if you can for fun giveaways and prizes. But if you can’t attend live, you can always catch the available replays!


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Register Here to Join our FREE 5 Day Intuition & Abundance Challenge!! 

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