Ep 59: Increase Your Confidence and Self Love with Tori Autumn

Feb 8, 2023Podcast

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Spiritual & Ambitious Podcast with Whitney McNeill
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Increase Your Confidence and Self Love

Today we talked with guest Tori Autumn about how to increase your self worth in your life and business, as well as how important self love is in this equation. Tori is a conversion copywriter dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs grow impactful businesses by sharing their heart-felt messaging. She is also a skilled self love coach who defines self love as fully celebrating the life you have and honoring the amazing person you are.

Is Self Care Selfish?

There are people who equate taking care of self as being selfish, always putting yourself first. Tori explains that she describes being selfish as actions or decisions that could jeopardize others around you or affect them negatively. Whereas acts of self love work to keep us in our optimal state so that we have the energy and resources to live our purpose and serve others. By taking care of ourselves we actually give permission to others around us to do the same.

Self Care In Your Business

Tori shares how she sees self care in her business as an arm of her identity as a whole. For balance you need to be consistent with your boundaries. You can be tight to deadlines, customer driven and communicative with staff in your business. But conversely be total people pleaser outside of work to the point you deplete your energy reserves. Eventually those reserves run dry and there is nothing left to continue to invest in your business. By stepping back and taking time for herself away from her business Tori was able to surrender and allow good things to flow in her business versus trying to force things that just weren’t working.

Strategies to Increase Self Love

Whitney asks Tori to share some of her favorite self love strategies to help her clients shift out of imposter syndrome and break through that uncomfortableness that always accompanies growth. Firstly, Tori has found that having a like minded community of people who can support your growth both personally and professionally. Another tip she shares is how simply writing notes to yourself and putting them in a manifestation/creation box can be very powerful. Tori found this idea in the Abraham Hicks book “Ask and You Receive” and put it into practice to great benefit. Lastly, by genuinely helping others in her community with no expectation of return is another way Tori feeds self love and the feeling of abundance.

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is that negative voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough yet or not worthy of doing or having something that you want. Although you can’t change your mindset overnight, with dedication you can shift your mindset when you purposefully counteract that negative talk with positive self affirmation.

Love yourself. Do the things that light you up. And share that light with others. Here’s to staying Spiritual & Ambitious.




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Sometimes I have to ask myself, “Is this adding to or subtracting from my life”. – Tori Autumn

Do something small to increase your visibility and impact your business in a positive way. Do it today, not later! The only failure is in NOT doing it. – Tori Autumn

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