How Your Spirit Guides Help You Align To Your Life Purpose

May 4, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Your Spirit Guides help you align to your life purpose.

They help us create our reality through manifesting and creating opportunities.

First things first, you’ve gotta communicate with them. Too often we assume that they know what we want.

They aren’t hanging out with us all day long, so how would they know?

If you’re wondering what your purpose is, it’s important to connect into your soul and your Higher Self to determine your archetype.

So take a moment and ask yourself, “Why am I here?”

Once we understand, we then communicate with our Spirit Guides, and they create the opportunities for us.

But when they create the opportunities, we’ve gotta learn to say, “YES!”

Even when we feel pushed out of our comfort zone. That’s the only way to grow.

Embrace change. It can feel scary, but growth doesn’t feel comfortable.

So get real comfy with the uncomfortable if you’re ready for true transformation.

Check out the video to see what steps you can take RIGHT NOW to align with your purpose.

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